Experience Home Care At Home Like In Spa In The Context Of Epidemics

The world's leading beauty care professionals share some secrets for you to experience the feeling of skin care at home as in SPA.0: 00/3: 32Nam Nam in the context of Covid translation -19 complicated developments, going to spas to skin care at this time is not possible. So why don't you create a righteous spa space at your home. The world's leading beauty care professionals shared some secrets for you to experience the feeling of being in the spa. Planning the time planning to make sure you spend time for yourself daily

. This means just 20 minutes a day to love yourself. Light a fragrant candle, use the aroma diffuser with aromatic essential oil and start the body tolerance process. Referring to Detox, add cucumbers, lemon slices along with a few mint leaves into a cup of beverage, making your relaxing time more interesting
"No technology" unplug and snug mean Is withdrawal from the outside world and judgment of social media, so your skin is most comfortable. Create a safe spa space at your home as a non-technology area. To your phone, tablet, laptop outside or away from you. This ensures you are not negligent and focusing only on you. ME-TIME also comes with a dress rule: Wear fit and comfortably can turn dead and clean cells to be able to maximize every step on the face, it is important to start with a Clean face. If you are making a makeup, you should first remove the Makeup. Then you have to wash your face with face washing to eliminate scums. Dead skin is usually the first step in a beauty mode. Exfoliating to ventilate pores, prevent acne, allowing other products to penetrate deeper and above all leaving bright skin. Full body exfoliating contains cherry fruit extract, cocoa, vanilla made a miracle to eliminate pollutants, dead cell toxins on the skin
Face massage, body, feet and hands according to circular motion to improve circulation and bring your skin feeling fresh, nourished and clean. After the skin is exfoliated , Now you can use facial steam machine. If there is no machine at home you can get a warm towel gently on the face for 5 minutes. Masking and meditation meditation while applying a mask for hair or face is a great way to mind yourself. Spend that time to reset the goals and plans for the next day, while the mask still promotes magic effects on your skin. You can also practice breathing exercises while listening to soft music or chieships. In choosing a hair care mask, components such as olives, Macadamia, coconut oil, avocado oil, or tea extract Blue makes a miracle for many types of hair like dandruff, split tops and hair loss. Depending on the level of sun exposure, pollutants, age and diet, your face skin may have different needs. Use aloe products, coconut oil, green tea or coffee to overcome the skin of the skin, tighten pores, wrinkles, spots and pigments to ensure the natural light face. The beauty process with a moisturizing lock is an important step to the end of your spa day. Make sure to apply a high quality body oil layer, creme so that your skin is soft and radiant for hours. Apply a moisturizer layer and gently massage your face because it increases blood circulation. You can massage my face Jade roller, Gua Sha device or even use your fingers. Don't forget to miss an important step to take care of your feet and toes. Foaming all kinds of hand and legs are extracted from grease butter, Brazilian seed oil, sunflower oil, coconut and lemon wire, massage of feet and toes. These creams tend to dissolve into the skin because they are super moisturizing and have a mild formula ./. CTV Hoang Danh / VOV.vn (translation) Times of India

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