Experience Japanese Ikebana Flower Art Practice

The first activity in the series of Aikan Japan program is the art of Ikebana flower arrangement with guests who are Ms. Nguyen Thanh Tu - Ikebana instructor, Ikenobo school in Vietnam.Akan Japan is a series of programs including video tutorials and Workshop Practice organized by the Japan Cultural Exchange Center in Vietnam to introduce and explain in a way that is easy to understand about many cultural features of Japan, with guests who are experts and clubs of Vietnam . Class Nguyen Thanh Tu instructed the art of Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement. (Source: BTC) is an introduction of Ikebana flower art in this program, teacher Nguyen Thanh Tu shared: "Ikebana gave me precious time to be able to go into deep inside me, found Peace in the soul, perfecting me every day

. Not only that, Ikebana also enriched the soul, opening us the beauty of daily life. It was the great experiences that urged I conveyed Ikebana to more people ". On the YouTube video (https://youtu
be/n84yxyfpdee, there are Vietnamese-English subtitles), Ms. Tu has introduced a profile Comb about the Ikebana Department, about the journey with his Ikebana, as well as introducing some of Ikebana's basic equipment and techniques. It is known that Ms. Nguyen Thanh Tu has been with Ikebana since 2010, when new Arriving in Japan living for a while. In 2017, she returned to Vietnam and with the permission of the Ikebana school where she studied (Ikenobo school), she opened the Ikebana class and organized many other activities to contribute Promoting the Department of Ikebana in Vietnam such as opening workshops, organizing exhibitions, book publishing, opening space Ikebana House. At the center of Japanese cultural exchange in Vietnam, she used to teach a yearly workshop Ikebana 2017 and a judge for the "Japanese flower Ikebana through photos" in 2020.

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