Experience Strange Driving With Rectangular Steering Wheels On Tesla Cars

Tesla's new steering wheel design causes a lot of annoyances for the driver, typically manipulating continuous steering or using the indicator light.02: 00/4: 16 Southern menu 2 Model S models and Model X Life 2021 launched earlier this year, Tesla offers a remarkable new feature of a rectangular steering wheel. This equipment is immediately questioned for practical usefulness, although considering the aesthetics, Tesla's design looks quite beautiful. New here, the product assessment team of Consumer Reports (CR ) There was a chance to take the Tesla Model S 2021 and make comments about the new handlebar called "Yoke". Enjoy a lot of inconvenient driving tests Video records the driver's handling operation on the Tesla Model s , one of the most inconvenient points is to manipulate the steering wheel when the car moves into a narrow corner, turning his head or needs to rotate the car continuously

.Do does not have a grip as much as traditional circular steering wheel , Yoke makes turning steering constantly almost impossible. The driver must constantly keep an eye on the interpretation of the rectangular steering wheel to feel the steering state of the wheel. This has a big obstructing when the driver wants to hit the driver while looking behind the time / Remove the car in a narrow space, or the situation of observing 2 sides when moving into the intersection
Yoke's multi-round steering steering causes many obstacles to the driver. Photo: ElectRek. At the same time, many people experiencing the review of Model S driving continuously leading to hand pain when the steering wheel was hardened and had few places to stay hands while driving. The rectangular design forced the driver to hold Yoke, so she could handle situations on the road. There are all these things to control the electric vehicle to be confused and complicated with those who are familiar with With circular steering wheels, equipment has been used on cars over 100 years. These new features are less useful without only changing the overall shape of the steering wheel, the electric carrier of the billionaire Elon Musk also wants to create Should revolution in interior interior design when completely eliminating the functional losses on the steering wheel column, including the need for xi-nhan, need to adjust the lamp and need to adjust the wipper. With Tesla Model S and Model X, all The function has been integrated right on the 2 clicks of Yoke. Not to mention the rollers to adjust the volume or transfer the song is quite useful, the Xi-Nhan button is clearly a confusing page. The Xi-Nhan button is on the left of the steering wheel. Photo: Motortrend
In normal moving status, the driver can easily select 1 of 2 arrows on the left of the steering wheel to open the turn light. However, when hitting a 180-degree steering wheel, it is easy to turn on the right-click on the right way. When the two-button clicks are reversed to the right, the driver selects the arrow pointing to any direction. The opposite side is open. Compared to the details of the traditional cylinder lever are always fixed and easy to use, this design obviously only brings the nuisance. Besides, CR members also believe that Tesla does a button Small whistle replaces the layout in the middle of the steering wheel will be difficult to use, especially in an endangered situation to horn. Instead of pressing the hand in the middle of the steering wheel to warn with the whistle, the driver needs to shape the button position to press his finger in, the operation will be delayed. Create the square to make the steering wheel yoke Continuous hand pain. Photo: Motortrend.Not only cut down the normal functional leverages on the steering wheel column, Tesla also is strongly "wipes" the number on 2 models with Yoke steering wheel. To start operating, the driver needs to pedal the pedal turns the brake pedal and then go to the gas pedal to model S to number D and run.With the car stopping operation, manipulating P is selecting and claws on the screen Touch image. The original experience was somewhat cumbersome but not too difficult to get used to, and more or less helped to help the interior design of the vehicle as simple as possible. Not significant benefits are said, the most advantage of the most significant Yoke's steering wheel is to bring a breakthrough about the design style for the model S and Model X. Model. Along with that, the rectangular steering wheel reduces the viewing of the vision with the speedometer table, the hand Drive the round shape.Khoang Tesla is minimalized by Yoke's steering wheel. Photo: Motortrend. Add another plus point mentioned by Yoke is to shape inspired by F1 racing steering wheel, increase the ability to control the car accurately and efficiently at high speed. This is said to be one The factors that help Tesla Model S Plaid beat the record of Porsche Taycan and become the fastest commercial electric car model at the Nurburgring racetrack. In the video by Tesla announced, the driver has driven the most advanced version of Model S with Yoke steering wheel, comes with a clock table specializing in racing cars. The shooting from Tesla's video shows the hand-used driver Drive Yoke on Model S Plaid to break the speed record. After the same, with the orientation of developing electric vehicles with self-driving capabilities, the simplification of steering wheel can be considered the necessary steps of Tesla, gradually Going to the future of self-propelled cars without steering wheels. Many concept cars in the past few years

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