Experience When Using Tubeless Tires

Tubeless tires are currently widely used by many advantages that tires are not available. However, if you do not know how to use it, it can make the employer Met a lot of trouble.0: 00/2: 10 years of kidneys when they are not fast, not fast when they are stuck, sharp objects, as a user Suffering to take the car but this is also the disadvantage when tires without having a high-tech worker can patch. Otherwise, the trace will never be steamed. Patching is just a temporary solution

. The simplest solution is to conduct patching, but this is just a temporary solution due to a short time, the place will be corrupted. Using the method of patching in is the best way for tubeless tires , the worker will remove the tire with a dedicated machine, then clean the surface inside the tire and paste the patch on the place, this is the best way to make the tire factory recommend that you should do when you are stick nails, sharp objects into tires. In the best way for tubeless tires do not use the glue to think, if pouring the glue self-patching into the tire, when the rolled car must nail, the glue solution will be self-hole Pen with, avoiding tires that were farted abruptly
However, due to unknown or manufacturers do not recommend specific, if you let the self-patched glue solution exist long in the wheel will lead to the status of self-patched glue and tires like item, Pitting and oxidizing. This turns back to damage the tire and causes the risk of accidents when you're moving on the road. It's note that the rim car uses tubeless tires, you must pay special attention to the car rim. If you go to rain or soak water, it is easy to lead to the phenomenon of pitted rim surface, being corroded or effervescent at the position of the tire exposure, then the effect is no longer available. You need to check regularly to take measures to handle timely. When using tubeless tires, you must pay special attention to the rim if you see the phenomenon of pumping tension a few days later see young tires despite not being The needle or sharp objects stabbed it because the car rim was corroded. The temporary method is to polish the rim or plating back, but the best way is to replace the rim to ensure the steam pressure in the tire is always enough. Because the right tire pressure pump the right pressure tire will reduce the risk of puncture, decrease Consume gasoline and safer when driving on the road. Also, when the pattern on the tire only has a thickness of about 1 to 3mm, you should replace new tires. The use of non-tear tires to make cars operating more gasoline, do not stick to danger when riding the rain, slippery, and the risk of tire explosion is very high if you go to the long distance
By Thu Ha, 39 minutes ago

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