Expert: America Will Temporarily Temporarily Put On The Korean Problem In The Next Few Months

Expert Harry Kazianis, Director of National Research Center, a US consulting organization, said that Afghanistan issue will be the top US national security priority in the next few months. Kenneth F. McKenzie (middle), commander of the US Center Commander, supervising the evacuation of American citizens at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 17. (Photo: AFP / TTXVN) Nuclear negotiations with North Korea will no longer be the top priority task in the US agenda in the next few months in the Washington context shown to focus on solving these Implications from the plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.Theo reporter VNA in Seoul, this is a new review of Harry Kazianis expert, Director of the National Benefit Research Center, a US consulting organization, offered An online seminar on the 19then of this year also said that the US will have to solve a large crisis related to migrants behind the plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

. This family said it clearly Afghanistan will be the leading US national security priority for at least a few months to the next few months. So during this time, the United States will have to look at some other priority issues, including nuclear negotiations with Korea. Kazianis family forecasts US and Korean relationships will be less likely Improved in short and medium term
Also speech at the seminar, expert Frank Jannuzi, head of the Mansfeild Foundation, does not exclude the Korean script with the "Thi Uy" military power in the context of Korea And the United States is preparing for elections next year. Nuclear negotiations between the US and North Korea have fallen into a deadlock from 2019 after the two sides ended the second summit without meeting satisfaction Thuan. Recently, North Korea continuously rejected the efforts of the US President Joe Biden government to resume dialogues without accompanied the condition. strong Hung-Le Anh (VNA / Vietnam)

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