Expert: Investors Should Not Be Too Focused On Fed’s Decision

Expert Jim Cramer said, although FED's monetary policy tightening is not inappropriate, but other factors are also affecting the market in short terms. 9: 00/1: 35 male people Mad Money program of CNBC TV channel (USA) Jim Cramer. (Source: CNBC) Mad Money host of CNBC television channel (USA) Jim Cramer on August 16 said that investors should not put "unlimited concentration" on similar policy changes Hybrid of the US Federal Reserve (Fed). According to Mr. Jim Cramer - Former Redundant Fund Manager at the same time, co-founder of Financial Websites Thestreet

.com, investors should avoid "traps" when taken Out every decision to buy and sell based on predictions about Fed's policy moves. I think the focus is too focused on Fed's decisions as a "typical of laziness in thinking." Mr
Cramer said, although Fed's monetary policy tightening is not inappropriate, other factors are also affecting the market fluctuations in the short term. For example, according to him, the power of him American consumer activities are a very important factor, especially in a week when large retailers like Walmart, Home Depot and Target are expected to announce Que Q business report Uy.Add there, Mr. Cramer said that the situation is worrisome in Afghanistan and the impacts on other regions of the world, especially American-central relations, are also important. According to him , Wall Street is interested in Covid-19 pandemic with the rapid spread of Delta variants, so any limited measures for indoor activities to prevent epidemics may only survive In short time. According to Mr. Cramer, the big companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb and PepsiCo have stable dividends and are beneficial for investors ./. Minh Trang (VNA / Vietnam)

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