Expert: Kiev Is Not Any Compensation From Sp-2

Russia is expected to soon complete the construction of NORD STREAM 2 gas pipeline (SP-2), and this is making Ukraine side feel extremely worried.0: 00/1: 46 men's southern situation , experts are wondering whether the European "partners" or some countries have paid to Kiev any compensation for the time to stop the operation of the gas transport system in the territory of Ukraine, in case The process of transporting the interrupted fuel. According to Mr. Andrey Zolotarev - the head of the center of the third region, the difficult period is coming to Ukraine. Germans and French people have long been to bear the burden because of limiting punishment on SP-2

. For Berlin, favorable gas prices are much more important than "European solidarity", and Germany are considering ourselves as the main gas center in Europe. Washington's school also plays an important role. Weight in this issue
Unlike the predecessor Donald Trump, President Joe Biden is more sympathetic with Russia's gas pipeline and looks forward to improving relations with his European allies. So, both Europe and the United States The green light on Nord Stream 2 and not likely the stakeholders still maintain a plan to pay for a simple gas transport system of Ukraine. Especially during the pandemic period, the difficult economic situation, the Western West will not waste its money. "For Nord Stream 2, I think cannot talk about any compensation. It Will be a completely excellent selection, "expert Zolotarev claims in the interview on TV channel waves. Government Ukraine is difficult to request a compensation or support from the West when fuel No longer being transferred through their territory The only thing Kiev can trust in this situation to maintain the minimum gas transport volume. Prime Minister Merkel and President Putin may agree on a "pill" to ease the bitter bitterness of the loss of gas transportation for Ukraine. Enjoy that many Ukrainian economists have estimated that water This will suffer from damage over 5 billion USD if Russia's NORD Stream 2 gas pipeline officially went into operation.

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