Expert Litovkin: America Jealous And Fear Of Su-57 Aircraft

Mr. Litovkin joked that 'Stalin surrounds Americans criticizing the Su-57'.0.02: 00/1: 23 South American military professionals on Su-57 fighters are explained by jealous and fear, colonel retirement viktor Litovkin is sure. The military observation of the Tass news company has mocked the announcer of American analyst Chris Osborne about the low combat effect of the plane Russia's fifth system in an interview with political experts

. Litovkin notes that the analysis of battle potential of different countries is equal to arithmetic, namely through counting the number of planes In the air force of countries is "very small story" .Su-57. "The threat is caused by a water weapon system, so when Americans say some planes do not cause Threat, this is a beneficial word for the poor, "Russian experts insist on American critics
Litovkin, in case of large-scale military conflicts between Russia and the United States America Can only blame the situation, because their cities "will remain a wet place." The dialogue of the political expert newspaper recalls one of the Soviet Time Jokes. Litovkin Note that both five-generation fighter fighters F-22 and F-35 of the US Air Force are seriously inferior to the technical features compared to Su-57. This family calls F-35 aircraft "wrong American mistake ", cannot solve real battle missions and impose on Washington's allies.

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