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Nutrition professionals believe that safe weight loss is not simple and need perseverance and science. Especially after weight loss needs to preserve weight to not gain weight again.02 / 2: 07 Namtheo PGS-TS Nguyen Thi Lam, former deputy director of the National Institute of Nutrition Loss Full impossible impatient burning stage, rush to apply weight loss measures, eliminating excess excess fat but only through the sharing of friends, loved ones that lead to the results are not as expected Wait. As someone who wants me to lose weight spirit should have fasted, only drink, even during a day only use a little smoothie, a little sugarcane juice .

.. so energy is absorbed into the muscle It is very little causing hypoglycemia, fainting is very disadvantageous for health. To lose weight effectively, safely need to perform suitable diets, combine exercise 30 minutes / day (illustrated from word Internet) For weight loss and still ensure healthy body and normal operation, it is necessary to eat foods with little starch, multiple fiber and protein-rich foods
Many sugars, salt ...; Feeding diverse foods to supplement all kinds of minerals, vitamins, fiber. Strengthening non-fat proteins (containing no saturated fat and cholesterol) helps bring a long feeling, reducing appetite (to help eat less, Do not cause weight gain). According to non-fat protein doctors, it indirectly burns excess fat when the body mobilizes or energy metabolism, helping flexible strength, durable, toned body. Besides the edge of the diet as said On, to help burn calories through which weight loss efficiency, safety needs to combine exercise 30 minutes / day, play sports like swimming, cycling, jogging ... Associate PGS-TS Nguyen Thi Lam, The deputy director of the National Institute of Nutrition indicates how often to get questions about weight loss properly? How to get weight suitable for the ideal height, physique? How to make the weight loss to take place in the most effective and pleasant way that the body does not fall into fatigue? How to keep your skin and keep your skin smooth? The general answer is that when planning to lose weight needs to be difficult to understand nutrition-related knowledge (on orthodox sources, reliable) and choose a plan suitable to the circumstances of each people as well as persistent implementation, combined with a healthy living regime, dynamic lifestyle
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