Expert ‘tool’ To Maintain Cars After Many Days Without Use

After many days of unused, cars can be peeled, shallow fuel, dirt ... and are maintained for a car to operate stable again in: 00/3: 42 South Car Non-use long-term will lead to unstable operating conditions. (Photo: PV / Vietnam) In the time many localities implement the social way of social ways by Covid-19, many cars can be 'covered' for a long time, leading to unstable operation

. Experts in the automotive industry, the maintenance of a car after a long time without use is extremely necessary and users can self-check, implement. Vehicle maintenance engineer At MD Auto Service (Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien) argues that long-term unused time can cause electrical systems, compartments or other parts of malfunction. Therefore, users need to consider and check the status of the vehicle
"First, the vehicle owner must check outside the appearance looks scratched, collided or anything unusual, such as the paint color, Tires, trays, tire pressure, car lights ..., "Duc Minh said. The brake of cars. (Source: deltawingracing) Besides, Mr. Duc Minh also shows an important detail that car owners often leave it to the brake. For car-brake models, the long-term disc surface disc surface can be cling to a layer of rust, but after the car runs, the friction brake disc with the brake pad will help the disc loose again. However, the point where the car owner should pay attention to the big scratches on the brake disc and the brake pads can affect the system when operating. Check the machine compartment, operation after the general check The car continues to check to the engine compartment
Cars for a long time will be an ideal condition for animals like mice, birds ... or creatures as shelter. After the test, the new car is exploded to ensure safety. Technical inspection of the automatic machine compartment before operating. (Photo: Minh Hieu / Vietnam) When blasting machines, batteries and electrical systems are two parts that need to pay most attention. For old cars or long-term new cars do not use will lead to difficult conditions or do not take the machine due to a weak battery and energy. Power from the battery to the size of the device, then transmit the power in about 30-60 minutes and start the car. In the absence of dedicated items, the vehicle owner can use from other sources. The generation from the interior cavity, if the car is not cleaned, there are garbage or foods that will easily cause mold or taper Institute, damaging the vehicle department. Car births from exterior to the interior After many days do not use. (Photo: PV / Vietnam) on this issue, Mr. Tung Son, the owner of the car maintenance factory No. 12 Vo Thi Sau (Hai Ba Trung district) said the first thing that the car owner needs to do is start the system Air conditioning, turn on the heating mode and open all the glass doors to kill the mold, then clean the car compartment again. "After a long time without using it, the car shell will stick a lot of dirt. This is relatively easy to use the car owner to self-wash the car to remove soil mud, dust clinging on the body, the wheel cavity and the car, glasses ... with cleansing water at home, "Anh Son Share Add . Periodic maintenance Currently, in some localities such as Hanoi has allowed repair and maintenance workshops to work again. Therefore, users should bring a car to care centers for periodic maintenance. The vehicle must regularly maintain a periodic vehicle to help cars to operate safely and smoothly. (Photo: Minh Hieu / Vietnam) At the centers, UK understood, the chief garage shop Anh Dung (Tran Khat Chan) recommended the owner to pay attention to maintaining some of the necessary items. The first is about the appearance, the car owner may require polishing or paint against UV rays to the "pet driver" clean and better protected. Monday is caring and cleaning the interior compartment. Although it can be self-employed but at the service workshops there will be specialized supplies to take care of each car parts such as discharias, chairs, ceilings, deodorizing cars ... Finally, maintenance to the transport system Car onions according to the cycle of kilometers. In this category, the car owner will require maintenance of parts such as viscous replacement, sanitary winding motor, air conditioning air conditioner, brake, gasoline filter, cooling water ... help cars work smoothly. "Periodic car maintenance not only helps customers prevent big damage but also improve safety when using," I understand Minh said. Minh Hieu (Vietnam)

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