Experts Suggest How To Clean Plaque On Teeth

There are many ways to clean plaque on the teeth that people can apply daily to ensure maintenance of dental health.0: 00/4: 03 South Dung: 1. What is plaque on teeth? 2. The best ways to remove teeth plaque3. Some ways to clean plaque on teeth with natural materials3

.1. Rinse your mouth with coconut oil3.2
Baking sodugging for a long time, the accumulation of plaque can cause many serious consequences for oral health as well as overall health. The bacterial is in plaque that produces acid by eating sugar in food You eat every day; This can cause teeth and tooth decay. Bacteria also create toxins that affect the gums. Therefore, a way to clean plaque on regular teeth.1. What is the plaque on the teeth are a soft membrane and sticking to the teeth after the bacteria are in the mouthpiece mixed with saliva and food. According to the US Dental Association (ADA), Plaque contains more than 500 bacterial species; Which has some kind of good bacteria and not good for oral health. Harmful bacteria produce acid after you eat or drink, especially eat sugar-sized foods. These types of acids attack energy energy, resulting in more serious problems at dental oral. If there is no way to clean plaque on teeth, this soft and sticky array layer can be hardened and formed tooths
The accumulation of plaque and high teeth can cause the gums to swell, this is the first phase of gingivitis or periodontal disease. The best ways to remove plaque to clean the plaque on the easiest teeth are steadily brushing regularly, at least twice a day. You should use you soft toothbrushes; Should change the brush at least 3-4 months, when the toothbrush starts showing a fraying sign. In addition, the electric brush can also remove plaque on teeth more efficient than traditional brushes. Use only dental to remove all remaining foods in the teeth before brushing your teeth. To use only dental, do the following: - Use a paragraph of about 30cm, wrap a head around the middle finger. Keep only the dental between the index finger and the thumb is stretched. After that, gently push only the dental in the middle of the teeth. Use the index finger and the thumb to pull only the C-shaped C to the side of the teeth. - Gently rub only the dental and pressed into the teeth to pull out outside the remaining food pieces .- Repeat the above process at all teeth to make sure all the teeth are completely cleaned. Finally, use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your teeth clean. The best, should keep the toothbrush on tilt teeth a 45 degree angle against the gums. Should clean all the surfaces of teeth, gentle movements to avoid hurting the gums.3. Some ways to clean plaque on teeth with natural ingredients are easy to clean and also easily accumulated after cleaning. Therefore, some dental experts have recommended some ways to do the plaque on other teeth to help oral hygiene. The materials are recommended by experts including coconut oil, olive oil and baking soda. Just rinse your mouth with a tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil in about 20-30 minutes - Photo: NaenAdentalClinic3.1. Rinse your mouth with olive oil or coconut oil are easy-to-seek materials, most of the activities of families. These two oils have a useful use of teeth, preventing tooth decay effectively, soothe the gums with inflammation and helps remove plaque on teeth quite effectively. You need to do quite simply, just rinse your mouth with a spoon Olive oil or coconut oil for about 20-30 minutes. The time seems quite long, however it only works when making enough time. Coconut oil is especially beneficial for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, because it contains very good fatty acid components. After rinse the mouth of 20-30 minutes with coconut oil or olive oil, remove the oil and rinse the mouth With warm water. A little baking soda mixed with clean toothpaste and brushing clean teeth will like normal - Photo: Korwhitening3.2. Baking Soda researchers have discovered that users who use baking toothpaste that contain baking soda tends to have less plaque accumulation for about 24 hours compared to users who do not contain this component. That, you can choose toothpaste with baking soda ingredients. Or use a little baking soda mixed with toothpaste and brush clean teeth as usual. Mixing baking soda should be done 2-3 times a week to get the best results. Also, this way to make white teeth light and the breath is also cooler. However, people should only apply up to 3 times a week, avoiding excessive abuse of teeth enamel.

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