Explain Costumes Praise The ‘green Angel’ Of Thuy Tien At Miss Grand International 2021 Officially Revealed

Thuy Tien has posted the perfect images of 'blue angel' - the costume will join her to attend the 'National Costume' section (National Costume '(National Costume) in Miss Grand International 2021. Today (November 29), After waiting for fans, Miss Grand Vietnam Thuy Tien officially introduced the finishing image of the "Blue Angel Angel" costume to join the "National Costume" in Miss Grand International 2021.Thong Through the outfit, the Fairy as well as the designer wishes to express deep gratitude to the translation of the translation head as well as the world medicine in the process of pushing the disease in the past years. Recovery of the National Costume of Thuy Tien. The costume includes a traditional long dress, nearly 20cm high boot, boxing gloves, struggle and wing parts with the symbol of the medicine in the back

. Looks of view can be seen, the long dress is designed quite traditional. However, the special point of ao dai is in the shadow leather material and the silver luster motifs along the shirt body, causing the shirts to catch on stage better. Change the red heart and the golden star is mounted on the chest full Hao
In addition, the strong image of Thuy Tien will be shown more clearly through this special way of innovation. Ca praise the "Blue Angels" in the episodes season. The costume is inspired by the protective shirt color of the epidemic force. The rear is a gold-plated solid solid doubles and craft sculpture wrapped around the vaccine syringe along with Ombre ombre effect wings, creating a symbolic image of the medical industry. These details will help the performance of Thuy Tien on stage become eye-catching and more attractive. With meaning messages that are transmitted through each part of the dress, "blue angel" is expected to create Powerful imprint at the "National Costume" contest took place tomorrow night (November 30). The cost of transmitting meaningful message. Photo: Hoang Phuc. In the meantime, Thuy Tien is the name "sweeping" international communications in recent days by the impressive expression in Miss Grand International 2021. Recently, Thuy Tien officially contributed to the top 5 Best in Swimsuit
Her image with four other beauty representatives posted on the official fanpage cover of the Miss Grand International 2021 is gradually going to the last journey, the Fairy and the contestants will join the semi-finals On December 2 and the final round on April 4/12/2021.

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