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Translation Covid-19 affects the organization of Mid-Autumn Festival for children. In order to bring traditional Mid-Autumn Festival to small children across all regions, Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center - Hanoi has just introduced this cultural heritage through the form online. This year there will be no activity and cannot be destroyed as every year, Baby Vu Khanh Ngoc, 6th graders Tay Son Secondary School, TP. Hanoi, very unexpectedly, excited when I discovered with my mother and experience the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival online right at home, through the website of Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center - Hanoi.00: 00 / 03: 08With rich, rare and rich materials, Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center - Hanoi held online display of artifacts reminiscent of the old mid-autumn nights with the image of the whole family with trousers Children, children held lights, lion dance, folk game play, learn how to make lights

... with sources of materials from the Museum of Straps Branly (French Republic), Dharma Far East
.. Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center - Hanoi has recreated a Mid-Autumn Festival in the early 20th century with extremely rich characters, made from many materials such as paper, soil, flour , Wood, Iron and Cotton and Glass Paper. At the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to approach these types of toys. This is a toy due to artisans in old towns and Thang Long village along the ancient entrance. This, the viewer can hear artisans and historic experts talking about the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, Processing, picking up lights, rewarding the moon of Hanoi with stories like Mr. La Lao fishing, the image of doctoral paper ... has just ensured the safety of the translation room, while carrying the Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere to children Every region in the whole country, online mid-autumn has brought discoveries, new and impressive experiences, leaving unforgettable memories not only with children but also with domestic and foreign tourists
/.Anh Vu - Quoc Hung / VovTV

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