Exploring A Thousand-year-old Citadel In Hue Has A Strange Name

In the adjacent area of 3 Thuy Bieu Ward, Thuy Xuan and Casting Ward (Hue City) currently keeps the trace of ancient capital in the Cultural and Cultural Seals - PA.0: 00/3: 25 nam southern region Ancient city court protection area. Photo: Fill QuangTó is a convex Citadel, which exists in Hue over 1,000 years, located on Long Tho hill, about 4km from Hue city. The Court is currently recognized as a national historical relic.Theo Book Nhat Nhat Khanh Chi, in Nguyet Banh Commune, Huong Thuy District (now Hue City), Lord Champion has built a building called Buddhism

. The old background is still remaining, to be called "convexity". The survey results show that the court of the court is about 2,000m long with a closed structure of 4 sides (in which 550m, the winter of 370m, the west of 350m , cumulative 750m) with full systems, drainage .
. Plants cling to the ancient citadel. Photos of Quang PhucHo Identify this is a 1,000-year-old ancient citadel built by Cham-Pa people if you don't find out in advance information. Photo: Quang Phuc on Dai Dai, according to Professor Tran Quoc Vuong, the convex is not inferior to tea (Quang Nam). In 1989, the study team led by the professor of Tran Quoc Vuong after a field archeology, a colonial study, commented: "The convex is a big goal, built on the Spring Thuong Hill area with full Enough systems, drainage systems ... ". The city is built around the vicent century - vi. A convex citadel is built with bricks in a wild status
Photo: Quang Nhat (NLD.VN) According to research materials, the Citadel is covered with land that reinforces a layer of bricks close to the upper face. The position creates a thoroughly advantage of the available terrain of high hills south of Huong river, which is the Long Tho hill. When construction, the work owner shows only reinforcement, adding a moderate amount to connect the citadel closed. East and South is the diep mountain hill, standing on the cumulative cumulative can cover the surroundings from the distance away from the distance. Techniques for grinding bricks Linking into a solid block, no mortar such as techniques to build Champa architectural works. The cutting of the city is divided into 3 floors: the first floor from the surface of the city 1.8-2 m with tight soil; The second floor of 0.5-1 m is covered with bricks, pebbles mixed and the 3rd floor is 2.5-3 m thickness of 1.8-2 m thickness is covered with a tightening material. covering the convex is mainly with hills, added land, tiles and pebbles. Techniques for bricks in a grinding type of grinding into a solid block, no technical mortar circuit construction of other ancient Champa architectural works. Drawing about the position of the convexity of Nguyen Van Quang, the legs of convex. The numbers of the people of the time, along with the impact of war, weather and people, the convex became wild and no longer kept the original shape of a building. Currently, otherwise There is a understanding and preparation of information before, when visiting the convex, many people are probably difficult to identify it as a national historical relic. A citadel is covered with land covered by wild trees , grass paintings, spleen. Photo: Quang Phuc lounge the edge of the wild neck is the wild groves, vines, rabilized pineapple; The lead into the shore into the tumor, dense wild trees. Next to the monument to convex is countless graves of people. The vacant lands next to the ancient ruins are the segments of the Melaleuca forest ... Now the convex can only be visible through high mounds that are high, bringing the appearance of a old building. December 2014 , Convex is set by Ministry of Culture and Tourism

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