Expression Of New Drug Addiction And Need To Stop Before It’s Too Late

Even if I dream of Nguyen Thanh An's parents do not think good children, the provincial math students can be addicted to drugs. Only when I dropped out of school, then bring a motorbike to sell my parents to describe fire. They are even more shocked by drug addicts.0: 00/5: 11 Southern region of a long slip of a basket of fish Thanh An (the name has been changed) is one of the luckiest children compared to us when you Being born in a pretty fake family, parents are successful people. Although "born is at the finish line", An is a progressive child

. The boy studied well and was always the pride of the family. But, the family event quickly turned into another person. An mentioned, the family had economic conditions but that meant the fact that his father was in love to do business
Regardless of their physical needs, parents meet but time to care about their spiritual life, they don't have. And the biggest spirit shock with An is when I discovered The marriage of parents is not happy. Many times I saw my mother crying alone. The meal meals out, each person eats a batch. Families are smooth and cold, so cold. Looking that scene was so sad and depressed extremely, there was no forgiven to study and regularly dropped out of school to "swing" with friends. Just a long slide and drug addiction is always good, while my parents have just been eager to be bored with conflicts in the marriage so don't mind thinking about children. Being compassionate and loves the first child without keeping "crazy". He screamed: "I raise your most smart eyebrows, the cycle for you is so much that you thank me like this." At that time, An not only regretes but also thought of negative things because studying down the slope, where people also looked with contempt eyes, while their parents were lectured
Clad with friends and relatives Hate, there is no escape way to think of death. The lives of this young man will always slip like that. However, after the anger of his parents An felt interest, loving and allusion. Looking for a sad parents, especially when the mother cried safely, it was extremely faulty. These times, An and my parents are closer together, shared with many things and safe to have motivated to do it again. An in the detox center with a great determination. "The sharing and understanding of the detox workers here actually added to the motivation. Before entering, I felt like my criminals but I could feel the closeness, sharing and very sympathy. She also had very good and attractive lectures. Sometimes it is just a story about the engine and the brake, the teachers also make me enlightened many things. For example, the engine is considered as demand, and the brakes are human restraint. The brake must win the new engine as a safe car. Ie the ability to curb must be stronger than the need for when necessary, it must be known as "share said, due to the past" the brake "in the person he was not strong Funny funny and slip in drugs. But until now "the brake" can completely control the engine. An has returned to school, started to do it all with the help of parents, teachers and friends. Being very happy to recently, An announced that I had a great part of the drug. The document of the "Drug Prevention and Control Skills" documentation is the PSD Institute - Effective Tools in the War to prevent and repel drug evils Knowing drug addicts According to the document of "drug prevention and control skills" issued by the Psychological Research Institute for the new drug users, drug users have a clear identification manifestations. If the parents truly noticed, interested in children will recognize and will have conditions to prevent bad implications soon. After the use of heroin users have finished using drugs, the spirit is often excited, looks Solid face, blushing, red eyes and wet, looks unusual. If the age is young, they are often vulnerable to provoke, want to find a strong feeling, fight fighting, self-cans, tobacco burning to burn hands ... Usually, after taking 5-10 minutes, the most popular expression is a red eye and looks wet glitter, then moving over the eyelashes, sitting on the spot, eyes Lim Dim, scratching his limbs, scratching his heads, scratching his heads, hitting his hair ... These expression of family members difficult to discover because of it Occurs in the place of smoking, injecting 10 - 20 minutes, red eyes wet, pupils, hoarse voice, drinking lots of cold water, psychology in high state of excitement, speech, gesture and missing movements exactly. If any discrimination, it is frequently appeared at a high level such as stroking nose, bearding, squeezing acne, biting nails, taking earwax ... New people who use drugs are often bitter oral, so have the behavior to brush, shave unusual tongue in the toilet. In addition, it is also hicccated, likes to eat snacks, drink plenty of freshwater, smoke more cigarettes than usual. The drug addicted to drugs changing errands to the living room: Late night, night sleep little, late, sleep Many ... or gathered, traveling the flock with people with life-free life

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