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Some books are valuable in foreign relations because they have contributed to promoting the image of the country, Vietnamese people to the world. In the number of 102 works awarded nationwide on foreign external information 2021, Why is Ho Chi Minh? (National political publisher of the truth) was awarded the second prize. Because of the third prize-winning work includes: Vietnamese spirit and the war against Pandemic Covid-19 (Publisher News Tan), Van Hien Thang Long - Degree Archaeological testimony (Hanoi publisher), Saigon: Portrait of City (World Publisher) and 30-year journey map to find the way to save Uncle Ho's water (young publisher). encouragement Book section given to overseas Vietnamese with Truong Sa (Publisher Publisher), Vietnamese history with paintings (young Publishing House), Czechoslovakian collection - Vietnam (Publisher of Writer Association) .

.. 30-year journey to find the way to save Uncle Ho's country. Photo: Young Publishing House
The current career of President Ho Chi Minh is why Ho Chi Minh? is the work of the author Song Phil-kuyng, by Bui Dinh Thang, the true national political publisher issued. The book to present an overview of Vietnam's history, from the landmarks attached to each event History to homeland, revolutionary career and Thought of President Ho Chi Minh. Under the perspective of foreign researchers spending a lot of love for Vietnam, but Phil-Kuyng highlights the recognition of Ho Chair In the career of ethnic liberation, contributing to the common struggle of people who love peace in the world. The book is the records coming from the author's affection during the life of living and working at Vietnam. That objective view has helped the work to win the second prize at the National Award for the seventh external information. Besides why Ho Chi Minh?, 30-year cruise map to find the way to save Uncle Ho's country Young Publishing House Implementing the 110th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh City to find a way to save the country (June 5, 1911-5 / 6/2021) awarded the Third Prize. From the Foot Journey Uncle of author Tran Duc Tuan (Young Publishing Publishing House), this map shows the visualization of his operations from 1911 to 1941; Thereby recreating the history of finding the way to save the country and the revolutionary activity of the chairman of the President. Vietnam's historical book with 8 books. Photo: Young Publisher.Too Hao History, National Territory of Vietnam Bilingual Bilingual - Mr
Van Hien Thang Long - Evidence of Archaeological Archaeology by Assoc. The third prize in the Nationwide Information about Foreign Affairs Information. The 1010th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi and 10 years of Heritage Heritage Hoang Thanh Thang Long was honored by UNESCO, PGS.TS Tong Trung Tin and His colleagues have compiled this book with the desire through a number of typical archaeological sites and relics, public and foreign public can understand the value of Van Hien Thang Long Heritage. ton The products are written in two English - Vietnamese languages, combining photo appendixs, maps, diagrams, drawings with colors, lively, recreating sources and development process of Van Hien Thang Long. Awarding incentives at the National Awards of Foreign Information, the story of Kieu Kieu Kieu to Trường Sa of writer, Constant translator, published by the Public Publishing House, is a document Spratly about Trường Sa gave readers at home and abroad. In the end of the story, the poet Tran Dang Khoa - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Writers Association - commented that there are many islands in this archipelago CONSTANT I can set foot in. But with the book, readers have additional "sovereign milestones" by the author themselves plugged to Truong Sa district. In addition to the sacred island waters of the Fatherland. General love of the homeland, the country and national history pride, Vietnamese historical English books by Mai Barry and Patrick Barry translation, Export Young publishers, are also honored with the consolation prize. The book was born aims to introduce Vietnamese history in a concise, vivid and systematic way through illustrated drawings. Thereby, reflecting the image of people and the country of Vietnam according to the history process with space, culture, clothes, proper characteristics of each period. The program includes 8 episodes: Born of Dragons and Fairies, The Sister Sisters, Ngo Quyen Defeats The Southern Han Army, Emperor Le Dai Hanh, The Dawn of Thang Long, Ly Thuong Kiet, The Second Victory Against The Mongols and The Lam Son Uprising. Photos of Saigon Covid-19 Photography Gia Tran The Phong. Photo: Quynh My. Quang Ba Nice, Vietnamese people Books of the National Award for Foreign Awards also honored the publications of foreign authors. They have time to live and experience in Vietnam and love this land. Paint living in Vietnam for 10 years, French photographer Alexandre Garel specifically spends love with Ho Chi Minh City. British camera lens set

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