Extracting In The Movie In The Sunny Day, Causing The Mild Brides: Where Did She Give Back To The Sin In My Mother’s Eyes?

If my mother's mother 5 maybe this daughter-in-law is angry with her husband 10. He is completely unable to protect his wife in front of his nonsense. In a sunny movie, episode 9 has a moment Shared in MXH Tiktok. Many women have seen their pictures in it. The story of the bride and a difficult, difficult, psychological mothers and psychological and uncaught husband, no political, own views

. Headache because her mother-in-law pulled friends to a dining house and asked her daughter-in-law to cook the banquet to follow her. Understanding motherhood, she could not refuse and asked her mother to help her strength. But at that meal, her husband and mother-in-law sees his wife and his mother's mother
The mother-in-law also called her a maid. It was the ultimate lowering that the daughter-in-law did not accept it. When she brought her aunt to speak for her husband, he just apologized and then blamed the back of her mother's wife, not asking his mother-in-law. At the same time, he asked why she didn't refuse. "So do you think I refused to get your mother? I don't think your mother pulls out 1 billion reasons to make me get," the daughter-in-law said when her husband said Ask why not refusal. Blame the husband when not protecting himself to extinguish the conversation, the husband asked his wife to go to sleep, tomorrow continued. It's too low, can't protect your wife. As long as she says a sentence, he doesn't go back and fear. "You will wash me a week for a week to make up for", the husband ends it. But those things have to be what the wife wants
Their they needed that his husband dared to speak up, daring to express his views in front of his mother to prevent her excessiveness. When her mother-in-law calls his wife who is unpopular to many people, the breast is like a drop of water. The feeling of his mother to serve his daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren, grandmother and his whole friends Put certainly makes it difficult to accept. Suy for the same, the fulcrum of the wife is her husband. However, the husband did not show his own view, responding to his mother's words with the reason why he had never done differently. In life, there are many wives who live with clamps, suffering I don't know how to clear it. If the husband does not change, do not know how to support his wife, the marriage is really hard to survive for a long time. Maybe, as a wife said: "So your life doesn't need it, How do you want to wear your wife, right? " Without both his wife will have to live like that!

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