Extremely Hot: ‘cosmic Shadow’ Overtime Was About To Appear Near Earth

Galaxy Macs J0138 Macs J0138 giant and strongly bent without - time, acting like a kaleidoscope made 'ghost' universe appear many times in the sky of the earth. The last explosion of a dead star of 10 billion years ago named Hydro-reformer Requiem was about to appear in the sky of the soil thanks to the time traveling. Because of it, even though I died 10 billion years ago and sure Unable to die twice, so a strange event made the "ghost" of the star dead as the supernovae Requiem now goes back in the sky of the earth. The strange event is the Galaxy Macs J0138. This giant and strong galaxy cluster is blocking the real vision between the earth and the ancient supernova, has bent - time and acts as a kaleidoscope

. Light from the supernova explosion This naughty galaxy cluster broke into many directions, making its image cloning, appearing in many places at different times. Before that in 2016 and 2019, Hubble space telescopes were captured This supernova is 4 times. Even 3 "ghost" Requiem that NASA captured in 2016 has
.. 3 different colors. The star creates the supernovae Requiem appeared and died in just 4 billion years after the Big Bang explosion , is one of the most ancient universe objects.Do is too far away from us and still bends the light of the light, what we see is actually the image of the past 10 billion years ago. The supernova name was set by Walter Baade and Fritz Zwicky in 1931, from observing in history of rare phenomena, when a star suddenly broke up as if he was born. The stars existed. By consuming the fusion energy source inside it to create a balanced force with gravity. When there is nothing to consume, gravity will pull every material into the center that causes the star collapse and ends with a supernova explosion. Explosion has an extremely large heat, burning all material and created So the ultra-hot and bright plasma streams
Based on the light intensity they are recognized as Tan Tinh or supernova. Currently, astronomers still cannot observe the entire supernova explosions by space dust. Some remaining supernovers have greater brightness, so it can easily observe its appearance with telescopes. Tan Tinh is divided into two types based on the presence or not of hydrogen lines On the morning chart. The supernova does not contain hydrogen lines in the spectrum of Type I supernovae, the opposite is the supernormal type II. In which, the supernovae type I was divided into 3 types of IA, IB and ICs. You can watch the video: NASA astronaut drops the mirror outside the universe. Source: VTV. Content (T.H)

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