Extremely Hot: Descendants Of ‘ethnic Groups’ Are Hiding Between Us

Recent research by scientists showed that a branch of Homo Sapiens - our ancestors, turned to the north to start lives in '' promised land "like the 'ethnic groups' 'The new rescue comes from the Institute of Max Planck (Germany) and Aberdeen University and the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, United Kingdom) that has a Homo sapiens branch after leaving Africa to turn to the north as " Ethnic groups ". After many lives partly settled in Europe, partly moved to Asia. For more clear research, scientists have used direct evidence from Bacho Kiro Sedimmon in Bulgaria.Hang Bacho Kiro in Bulgaria is one of the first residents of European Homo sapiens, to Recreate the ancient world. This rich sediment contains a lot of bones, stone tools, pendants

... and the factors reflecting when the post-period
Things make scientists unexpectedly the oldest sediments It shows that at the time of exploring this area, our ancestors have faced an extremely scary close-up climate, not the temperate climate like today. In 179 sediment samples, they Calculating about 7,000 harsh years has been recorded through the ratio of isotopes in animal teeth that survive in sediments, and through the tools that people have used. By the way people invent tools It will reflect what they face at that time, because of fitting into plants and animals they need to use tools to handle, as a living source. To seek a more warm place that lives has been shaken because of the analysis, it is difficult to live more than the rich Levant region in Eastern Mediterranean - the gateway where people have arrived when leaving Africa.The price of Bacho Kiro is compared to the coldest places of Scandinavia Peninsula - Northern Europe today, the closeness of the North Pole. "These new insights require building new models of spread Our species across the Eurasian continent, must take into account the higher level of climate adaptation ", the main author of Sarah Pederzani research said. From" Homo sapiens "means "A species like a prehistoric period in which" wisdom "or" contemporary mankind "belongs to this species and this is the ancestor of humans" .homo sapiens with brain development in it Developing a very complex language system shown through abstract arguments and solving problems.Homo sapiens has excellent creative capabilities, their body allows them to create and use word labor tools That helps to change the surrounding environment and life is getting better and better. You see the video: beautiful natural landscape in the countries of the least people i
Source: VTC. Dung Dung (T.H)

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