Extremely Hot: Earth Is Evolving, Continental Continents In The Future?

According to scientists, in the next 200-250 million years, the Earth will continue to evolve. The scattered continents of the Earth will move together to form the supercontinent. Other land with what we still see today, it began his life from a terrible bridge but even The most formidable scenes in movies are also unable to match. Our crystal is constantly developing in size, shape as well as climate conditions since then. Through hundreds of millions of years of development, the Earth's surface has formed 7 continents and 5 oceans

. New here, a new study has shown that, in about 200-250 million years, Earth can advance Moreover, turning the continental continents into super continents. On the most recent changes in the movement of tectonic segments, expert Michael Way at the Goddard Space Research Institute in New York and colleagues Used computer models to study the evolution of the earth. First situations, today's continents gather and form a unique huge land near the equator for 250 years Come since now
The land that is called Aurica, the second situation, the Amasia super continent will be formed from other continents being pushed north of the equator along with an anti-pole subcontinent, in 200 million years to since Now. The continent on the earth gathers into super continents and then disintegrates with a cycle of 400-600 million years called the super continent cycle. The Portland Pangea formed about 310 million years ago and began to disintegrate about 180 million years ago. The next continent may form in 200-250 million years, which means the Earth has gone Half-stage disintegration of current continental cycle. Research also shows that the land in Amasia will help promote snowfall and create icebergs. Meanwhile, Aurica's land will have less snow or ice, the average temperature of about 20 degrees is developed by the Earth to develop will help researchers about planets outside the solar system during the process Looking for neighboring planets can live. In its evolutionary process, Earth has gone through countless changes through each section. Initially, the Earth was just a planet dead hot, the heavy metals sank into and melted, pushing the mature matter upwards and cooled down. There is a shape now a giant sphere Black with bright cracking due to the molten material inside. It is these trains that will continue to exist billions of years, often becoming a decisive factor for the existence of life on the planet
You can watch videos: Earth goes through the hottest September in history. Source: TT.That Dung (T.H)

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