Extremely Hot Place To Secret Aliens ‘rushing’

Hudson Valley is a 'hot spot' about UFOs. This comes from hundreds of witnesses claiming to see unidentified flying objects of aliens in the Hudson Valley in the 1950s - 1980s. The north of New York City is about 1 hour The car, the famous Hudson Valley America is where aliens are reported to appear a lot. The UFO Linda Zimmerman researcher said that the first cases reported to see unidentified flying objects of people Alien in the Hudson valley is in July / 1909.Theo reported content of witnesses, UFOs appear in the evening and move faster than the plane

. They moved very quickly around the Hudson Valley area. In 1950 - 1980 was a period of many witnesses who saw UFOs in the most Hudson valley. Some sources for more than 5,000 UFOs appear here for the above time
Therefore, Hudson Valley becomes a "hotspot" of UFOs in the US as well as the world. A famous UFO event recorded in the Hudson Valley is on the night 24/3 / 1983.Whenh, more than 300 people People call the local UFO hotline to report to seeing strange V-bright flows in the sky. According to the witnesses of witnesses, the shaped light is slow in the sky. They flashed light and changed many colors from red to blue, green and white. Some witnesses mentioned UFOs of aliens are very large. They appear for a moment in the sky and disappear. No one knows where these UFOs move after being caught by humans. Some people are skeptical whether an aliens "landed" into the Hudson valley and hide in a place where no one discovered or not. After receiving the Report of the people, authorities and specialists Gia on the survey
However, up to now, the mystery of UFOs in the Hudson valley has not been decoded. The readers watching videos: the mysterious UFO visits Japan, police articles watch helicopters. Source: VTV News. English (according to grunge)

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