Extremely Meaning A Series Of Cool Fruits In The Mid-autumn Festival

Grapefruit, grapes, dragon fruits ... are delicious, suitable for dry air. In addition, using them the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Mid-Autumn Festival also has a profound meaning, demonstrating the owner's wish

. Not only in Vietnam, Buoi is also a favorable fruit that appears on the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. This is not simply because grapefruit is often harvested in the fall. Pomelo fruits are popular because it carries a lot of good meanings
Blue grapefruit, bright gold represents fresh and cool bars. The shape of a circular grapefruit shows the fullness, prosperity and reunion. Another feature caused grapefruit that popular in the Mid-Autumn Festival was that it tasted sweet and soothing, very good for digestion. This will be amazing snacks after a series of dangled fruit cakes. To get fresh grapefruit meaning, long-time sellers reveal should choose the fruits with short necks, bottom parts and flat Self as water drops. Note Choose the fruit with a stretch shell, hold firm and weighs. Apples are also known as "peace" thanks to a lot of good nutrients for health, easy to store, to 2-3 days without worrying. In particular, the apple is not only beautiful but also aware of peace, praying for plentiful health. To choose delicious apples, you should choose a moderate size apple, greater than tennis balls a bit. New harvested apple will have a new, fresh stalks and attached to the fruit
Delicious and succulent apple will be quite round, hard and heavy hand. Using a hand in the fruit, it will make a clear sound. Long Long. Dragon fruit has a very good sweet bar. Moreover, dragon fruits are comfortable with the air on Tet holiday members. This fruit also has the meaning of "prosperity", which is considered a good, peaceful wishes for family members. Long Long has two types of red guts and white intestines but the red intestine is preferred by delicious Sweetness, color suitable for festive air. To choose a delicious dragon fruit, you should pay attention to the fruits that are tight, tough. Meanwhile, the leaves are light light, do not get brown in the end. Grapes are also ripe fruits in the fall. Compared to other times of the year, grapes at this succulent, the most harmonious sweet and sour. Grapes are often used in the Mid-Autumn Trays because they grow into a beam, bringing the meaning of the prosperity and abundance in life. When buying grapes, it is necessary to choose the type of moderate size, the shadow, smooth Lang, no bruises. Besides, it is necessary to observe if there is a chalk on the shell, it's a good and fresh beam. Absolutely do not choose soft fruits, strange smells and appear speckled marks on the shell. These are pests or chemical immersion. Pomegranate is rich in vitamins, sweet sour taste has the effect of biophysical epidemic, cooling, especially suitable for dry season. Furthermore, ripe pomegranate each particle, red as a pearl of agate, grain in such a crystal should bring the meaning of "prosperous, many children, many grandchildren". Crispy. Pink ripe in the fall. Looking from afar, the pinks are hung red on the trees with branches like red lanterns such as symbolizing luck. The pink fruits have a berry stretch, so it should eat them on the Mid-Autumn Festival day and the desired good thing, "thousands of things like it" .Na. Na has many black and large grains of branches, big, it is clear that it is expected to have a proliferation to fully contribute to adding green shares to the Mid-Autumn Festival Day. This fruit also supports the desired meaning, praying for human life forever. Photo: IT readers Watch Video: Taste Mid-Autumn Festival Day 70. Source: | VTV24 Tam (according to SH)

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