Eye 10 Most Expensive Dogs To The Planet

Many people don't hesitate to spend money to have billions of money, so some breeds become 'to chief'. The Tibetan clam is considered a Chinese slender when owning massive body, Dung Strong, fierce but absolutely loyalism. This dog is the largest dog in the world, with documents that have recorded that clam Tibet can be tall to 1.2m and weighs 110kg. In the years Recently, the Tibetan clam dog continues to be classified in the top of the world's most expensive dogs, with individuals up to tens of thousands of dollars

. However, this price is tending to decline. Samoyed is a very beautiful look dog with a lovely face and a gentle nature. This is a very popular dog in many parts of the world and also in Vietnam
The highlight of Samoyed is a balanced, healthy body with a snow-white fur, very thick and dense. The height of samoyed ranges from 48 to 60cm with a maximum weight of 20kg. Samoyed price from 2000 USD to 4000 USD depending on their origin. This breed in our country has a major origin from Thailand. If the Samoyed Dogs imported from European countries will be more advanced with expensive prices, it can be many times more times in the country.Rottweiler is a breed, however, this is a dog breed Many in Vietnam for beautiful, have a balanced body and absolutely loyal to the owner. The outstanding feature of this breed is a large stature, with a balanced and firm shape. The muscles are very well developed, but do not affect their agility. Although the dog is quite common but the price of Rottweiler can be up to 3,000 USD for each child.akita is a precious dog originated from Japan, with figures as well as faithfulness and breeds Dogs always have an attractive look not only with animal lovers
Akita dogs have instincts of hunting and can be promoted even if snow covered thick. This dog has a very high possession, it is necessary to have a very persistent teaching and likes the care of the employer.Do Akita is a rare dog, so their prices can be up to 4,500 USD, however , with many dog lovers, to have a Akita, this price is not too expensive. German Becgie dog (GSD) is a very smart and flexible dog breed, it was developed in Germany for the purpose of committee The head is protecting and leading cattle. GSD always has very good "consciousness" protection and very suitable for jobs like home keeping, is a very flexible dog breed, it shows very intelligent and serious in intelligence activities. With its intelligence and loyalty, this German Becgie dog also makes many people spend $ 6,500 to be owned. Bulldog Anh is an ancient dog of England, during the previous period, due to yes Big and fierce body, this breed is often used in fierce battles. However, after many evolutionary processes, they are getting smaller and stupid than their ancestors very much. To own a British Bulldog dog, dog lovers must spend about $ 3,000, in addition, breeds This dog also costs a lot of costs for medical examination and treatment. Phu Quoc Dog is a precious dog originated from Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. They have the characteristics that are easily distinguished as the rings run from the shoulder to the hip bone, mighty shape and many people seek, bring it to farming. Phu Quoc Dog is considered Vietnamese pride when they are listed on the list of world dogs. Their prices can be up to 10,000 USD with Chow Chow as a dog originated from northern China, with shaggy fur like teddy bears, this breed is the target of many people, especially with gender young. This breed is assessed as an animal with stubborn, uncomfortable, however, if being close to the day from the baby, it is extremely friendly, especially with children. On the world dog market , Lovely Chow Chow dogs have an average price of 3,000-4,000 USD. The price they hardly transformed in the past few years. Saluki is a dog originating from the pharaoh of ancient Egypt. They are mainly raised by aristocracy, prince, and nationals like Egypt at that time. Salaki often has a shiny, smooth fur and a combination of two of the colors such as white, cream, yellowish, red or tanned brown colors. Its coat can be smooth or soft as feathers. Currently, with the number of purebred saluki dogs, it is no longer, so this breed is quite expensive in the market. Approximately 2,500 USD for one child. Lowchen Dog is a small sized dog breed originating from Germany, Belgium and France. This dog also has a very cried name as a "small lion" because she has a look like lions. The characteristics of this breed are the hair from the beginning to the abdomen that is very thick and beautiful, however, the back does not grow fur. This is considered to be the rarest dog in the world. Lowchen is rated as very smart, friendly and exciting. They are really a great pet, very suitable for families with

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