Facebook Announced The Most Viewed Posts: Simple To Unexpected Content!

Many netizens said that when posting on Facebook, they have to adjust images, thinking how to write splashes to attract attention. But Facebook has just announced the most viewed posts on this platform, and the result can make anyone surprised.0: 00/2: 13 Namkhi domains think about a Facebook post and okay Many comments, what will you think about? Post of stars? What are the shocking news? ..

. It turns out, what we guess is not right! Facebook has just publicized some information about the most viewed content on their platform, and surprise, these The post is mostly viewed extremely simple, even if there is no card with an illustration or video anything. Facebook's report is currently calculated on the number of people viewing posts in the US, in the second quarter of 2021 ( ie from 1/4 to 30/6/2021) .Facebook has just announced the most viewed content on this platform
Artwork: Mail online. This is the first time Facebook provides statistical information this type, perhaps the next time they will expand and calculate the number of viewers across the globe or according to the areas, or Calculate posts in other languages around the world. In the above time, the post is most viewed by a speaker, Indian lifestyle consultant, also a former engineer of HP company. This post is watched 80.6 million plays and it's very, very simple: only one photo with a lot of letters as a table to play words, with comments: "3 words First you see the main Is your reality ". Photo: Gaur Gopal das. The second most popular post is seen 61.4 million, even simpler, just a "challenge", invite people to post a photo to prove that "I am old but Looks still young. "Next is a post with 58.6 million views, is also a question:" What's the one you will never eat, whatever you are? " The same number of views reached 58
6 million as a post with questions that are very ideal, that there should be the way into the pastries or not. Ask the path to the pasta or not to 4 7 million comments and 90,000 shares. Photo: Christina Watts. "Folding" Top 5 is the post of the current US President Joe Biden, with 52.8 million views. This post even has only one sentence, but also not the question: "100 days at my country - the United States is returning in the right direction." The US President's post was also seen a lot, even if only one the sentence. (Screenshot). Although the information from Facebook is said to be only a small part of the network of netizens, we can still see that the posts are considered much not necessarily What are the songs so much.

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