Facebook Eases Limitations With Electronic Money Advertising

Meta (Facebook) is open to more electronic advertisers on its platform, creating opportunities for marketing companies with digital products. Illustration.Meta said it will increase the number of paper The provisions are accepted from 3 to 27 and the update policy is effective immediately. This means that many applications that run electronic money advertising will be more accepted. Policies change are reflected in the limited content section, Part 10 - "Product and electronic service" of Advertising policies on Facebook

. The company said the updated policy was given in the context of electronic money continued to grow and stable, and there are many government regulations setting up more clear rules for In this area, posing more clear responsibilities and expectations for the industry. Before these new changes of meta, advertisers are often required to submit an application to include a license as well as some talent Will to prove their eligibility. However, with the new announcement, companies will now be required by META to submit one of the 27 licenses listed from all over the world
Among the accepted licenses, there is BitLicense issued by the New York State and the UK's financial acts licensing agency (FCA ).Meta indicates that this change will help their policies relate to Electronic money becomes fair and transparent, and offers many companies to develop and access more potential customers. Advertisers have been approved before will not be affected by updates. But as mentioned earlier, Meta will always require a written approval for: the platform and electronic money trading floor; electronic loan and loan service; electronic wallet; Infrastructure to exploit electronic money. Huynh Huynh

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