Facebook Gives Up The Plan To Develop The Brain Reader Device

Facebook will focus on developing a wristband solution to control in a virtual reality environment .Facebook has been very enthusiastic with brain readers (Photo: Futurism) in a blog post, Facebook Dad that this company will abandon the plan to develop a brain - computer communication device, which is designed to translate brain signal signals into language. Instead, Facebook will focus on developing a wrist wearing device to control in a virtual reality environment. "We still believe in the long-term potential of brain reading equipment, but we decided to practice Central instant resources into another direction to introduce the market in a shorter time ". The company spent four years of studying this head wearing equipment but has not achieved much progress to become A consumer consumer device

. As a result, we also understand that decoding complex brain signals into data used are extremely difficult, even if you have the capital of one of the world's largest companies.Mark Chevillet, one The neuroscience, who have ever participated in the project explained to Facebook's decision: "We have a lot of experience directly with these technologies. That's why we can be confident when it says that consumer consumer equipment is still very far away
May be longer than our predictability ".Facebook hopes to turn this device useful for everyone - not only with polio patients who are looking forward to the hands with the machine with a controlled machine Thinking as seen in some movies. There are many difficulties to realize computer-brain communication capabilities without having to use implants in the brain. Chevillet said: "We have never wished to create a product that require transplant surgery" Preliminary studies funded by Facebook for quite promising results, allowing a person to heat At a speed of 15 words / minute. Although this is an impressive technology achievement, this technology is still far away from the goal of this company, especially in terms of user-friendly, adding the Chetvillet to add: "Can see potential Large use in medical support technology, but that is not our destination towards. We want to target applications for the popular market ".facebook is currently in researching and developing a wrist wearing device that can be read on the signal in the arm muscle, allowing it to act as a controller VR. With the help of startup company Ctrl-Labs, acquired by Facebook in 2019, Facebook is hoping to soon bring the controller to the market. According to FuturismMinh Quang

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