Facebook Messenger Invited Olivia Rodrigo To Create Soundmoji Sound Emoticons

Did you know: Every day, people around the world send more than 2.4 billion messages with emoticons (Emoji) on Messenger? Emoticons help for conversations on Messenger around the world more colors and colors Vivid, as well as help us express things that cannot be described in words. Recently, Facebook announces this social network will develop the Soundmoji feature - the latest emotional expression tool on Facebook Messenger. Imagine if your emoticons can be created, they will create How are the sounds? Soundmoji is a "premium" emoticon that allows you to send short sounds in the conversation on Messenger, from applause, cricket sounds, blank knocks, laughter , to the creative sound sections by your favorite artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Rebecca Black or coming from attractive TV shows and titles such as F9 of Universal Pictures, Brooklyn Nine-Nine of NBC and Universal Television , Bridgerton of Netflix and Shondaland. Just a good sound! Olivia Rodrigo's Soundmoji's unique Soundmoji, please use SoundMoji, visit your Messenger app, start chatting, click on smiley to Open the icon menu and select the speaker icon

. From there, you can easily preview and send your favorite Soundmoji. Facebook will launch the entire Soundmoji library for comfortable users to choose, as well as regularly update new sound effects and popular sounds. Each sound is expressed with an emoticon - the Our favorite emoticons are maintained, and supplement the audio experience when texting
Facebook updates the new feature on the occasion of World Emoticon Day this year, with hope features New Soundmoji will help people continue to have meaningful and vivid conversations with relatives and friends in the days of socializing.

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