Facebook Technology Director Resigned

Facebook Mike Schroepfer's veteran director on September 22, announced that he would leave the position next year, and said his successor was experienced leaders Andrew Bosworth, the leading character of the public development segment Virtual reality technology (VR) and augmented reality (AR) of the American Social Network, including products such as OCULUS QUEST VR.Garding Facebook Mike Schroepfer attended a conference at California, USA on October 21, 2019. (Photo: Reuters) Mr. Schroepfer had 13 years of attachment to Facebook and known as "Schrep". After leaving the technological director, he will transfer to the new role, becoming the first senior advisor of the company

. In the meantime, Mr. Bosworth (also known as Boz) was the one established Out of Facebook's AR / VR department. In 2020, this unit was renamed the actual laboratory (Facebook Reality Labs - FRL)
Information with employees about this change, CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said: "As a technological director, Boz will continue to lead the FRL and monitor our AR / VR development activities and more. "" All this will be the foundation for the bigger efforts of the company to develop 'Metaverse' (Digital universe). I am very excited about the future of this field under Boz's leadership, "said Zuckerberg. Facebook boss also mentioned the idea of Silicon Valley for the most digital and physical and accessible world-consolidated space and accessible through various devices. About his new role of Schroepfer, Facebook CEO said 46-year-old will help the company recruit and develop a team of talented technicians, as well as promote investment in artificial intelligence (AI) .Facebook is under great pressure in time Through when many managers, legislators and civil society groups in the world have criticized the "giant" American technology because they have left abuse behaviors to take place right on social networking platform My as extremeism and false information, and ask Facebook to improve a range of issues including transparency, the system recommends and censorship content, as well as the approach of the company User's privacy and safety (Reuters)

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