Faced With Covid -19 And Stood Up

The long day long or fast through will definitely depend very much on how we opposite and behave out July 9: 00/4: 02 namtp.hcm domain has more than 50 days of ways to relax instructions 15 and 16 . In 50 days with the inconvenience, everything turned upside down compared to the day life. Activities, trade, business, production, business, trade .

.. also meet difficulties. 20/7, Secretary of City Party Committee Nguyen Van So Dang Dan said the city is commenting Experts and branches are concerned to prepare for a tightening situation in Directive 16! He and can be higher than thinking about solutions that can be strong as a dose of "Bitter drugs" to Ho Chi Minh City "Heal"
The coming days will be strenuous but then we How will it face? Immerse yourself in the worries that panicked or rolled together, faithful to grow and "healthy", quickly overcome these days? Many sharing and adding sympathy, perhaps the distance ahead is more bumpy. I can read the shares on the Personal page of Anh Minh Vegetables, the famous man "with vegetables , rice, cute eggs in Dong Nai and now spread to the whole country. I don't know if he quotes or thinks of themselves but I still like the lines: "The best way to treat life is to stand up and do something. Let's wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world in hopes, you will fill yourself with small pleasures. "Through, my apartment is in, when the guards Born has both F1 and F0, garbage does not clear up, the aisle has not been scanned, instead of blaming or calling with the management board, everyone has together to move the walls of themselves. Public garbage, scan the common path and send a little more gift to encourage siblings to serve the shortage of force. The places are clean, the corridor is glossy and many people have less bored, complained. This matter whether much money, power or giants do not change the situation of people who are less due to epidemics or everything that cannot be equal to the day to want that everything is like before. My grandsons Learning how to wipe the house, wash the cup is more neat when she helps not come to do because of a way of stretching or nothing is indifferent to the rush to cook, the cooking house to find a way out to find a plate of rice and tiu Every day
"Lady" or "Dude" The family is quite fake I know, she finds ways to go to the knight to become a familiar temple in monks, Buddhists to cook thousands of charity meals, he registered to make love Chews right in the ward guarding the isolation points. They have been tired, very tired, but happy but at home all day lighters too, don't help anyone, go online to see people complainance. I know there are still things that cannot be satisfied with many people The concentration or lack of island isolated in the newly established BV. I also obviously, there are many initial troubles, errors at the time of doing or even embarrassing, inadequate when deploying is fixing. But in the fight against Covid-19 has never had a precedent in this human history, everyone has experienced or known in advance, how do they attack me and how will it be the most effective? Expenses for unavoidable mistakes but each country is a particular, each of the various movements and each place the situation changes rapidly. Only nothing didn't do anything wrong or sit still I don't have shortcoming so now I still like thinking and how to think about the vegetable "The best way to treat life is to get up and do something" instead Because of whining and letting the negative things surround me. How this I recorded from a "isolation diary" worth noting "a non-symptomatic F0 at the new Panic Hospital, 15pm There is no rice to eat yet. He shouted with some waiters, "Everyone will sleep, calculating for me to hungry?". Then suddenly looked down to see the young people turning rice between the sun's sunshine, stepping to scold because of tired, the time Only do and do that stomachs have not had any pieces, even though they still have a dozen of lunch boxes ... ". Can everyone look at a corner, enduring different difficulties and circumstances are not the same but perhaps sympathy, sharing, self-carrying, stupid support at this time needed more blame, carbon, anger, criticism ... the long-long day or fast through will definitely depend very much on how we oppositely and behave. But anyway, it is less intense to sink in fear and frustration so that at least each person is more relieved, it will make the community more stable during this difficulty.

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