‘facials’, The Third Person Still Posted The Image Of Her Husband’s Body On His Personal Page And The ‘purple Face’

Of course, the wife will not be forgiven the provocative behavior from the Tam. Newest, a wife posted the article about a very small incident happened in marriage life. Earlier, her husband passed back and forth with a shopkeeper but she finished handling. Whoever, the third person doesn't want to concessions, still means teasing. The wife's post is as follows: "How many months ago my husband knew this child in a restaurant

. I know and thoroughly do this relationship . Until today, this employee although there was a lover but posted a picture of her husband's hand when she was up like this. I don't know if it's a problem or it doesn't think your actions are wrong Which does so "
Writing is posted. The attachment is the image of a pair of hand-held couples. But the wrong thing here, the girl in the story has a lover. The man has a wife. On the picture is a real heart-shaped heart. It must be thought that everyone thinks it is a couple who loves each other's hand. extinguish. The action posted by the third person in addition to teasing it, she could remember the past. The third person constantly rounds, she didn't clear it clearly. "This yesterday I lacked the picture so I took a transplant
What did you do or text M. anymore." "I said I didn't mean anyone, I had a lover, what do you think." "It's just a picture of what you do. Winding of the Tam when it comes to other husband's photos. Even when the wife asked where she was looking for, she still said that she was forced completely in the morning when I posted a photo of another husband's hand. The wife asked to meet it clearly, the third person still Teasing you: "What do you do to use a little thought. Who did anyone do what your husband doesn't have clearly asked to immediately click and peel off the seal." The third self-locking its account. Last , The third person continues to ask her wife Don't force yourself and lock the Messenger to not have to get any more messages. Naturally, she also refused to meet. When the stories like this really affected the marriage of others. Many people think that double contractions are not good but for people to continue to tease people is even more indignant. The most important thing, wives should identify their husband's mind how. Ideal them in hand, what is easy to solve.

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