Fake Tourist Village Created In China

Photos of the village in Ha Pho district appeared much on the Weibo social network. However, this is only a context to attract tourists to this place. Social networking sites have long appeared beautiful scenery photos of the village in Ha Pho district, in Fujian province , China. However, both landscapes and daily activities recorded are fake. The image of farmers leaning in animals to work in reality is the staging context

. Photo: Weibo.theo petapixel, Ha Pho used to be a famous place for seafood and delicious dishes. After a few years of failure, the economy of the region was heavily affected
Local authorities have given the idea of renovating this place into "rural tourist area" and collecting tourists. Since then, the village in this district attracts many tourists to visit and take photos. Photo: Weibo.The New York Times, these "perfect shooting sessions" are attracting tourists here. Many photographers queue long and waiting to capture the photos of the model in traditional costumes, rowing, waving fishing nets or going ducks. Photo: New York Times. "Each model will be paid 30 USD to sail for photographers", Twitter account named Dodaistewart Share. Sometimes, actors will stand available at the context so that photographers can capture images quickly. Photo: Weibo. The resort coordinator will guide through the radio to ensure each model gesture took place in the script and progress
In addition, indigenous people will create effects such as smoke, fog by burning straw, adding rich parts for the photo. Photo: Weibo. This tourist area said there are more than 500 visitors every day. Guests will pay 3 USD to take pictures of fishing or more expensive models if shooting with traditional costumes. Photo: Getty. Some travelers said they were tricked when visiting because of believing this was a real wilder environment. "This place cannot be more fake. Fake fishermen all day just throw net to take pictures, farmers are also fake, the buffaloes look sad", a tourist commented after coming to Ha Pho. Photo: Weibo. "The worst is those who come and know the fake, but instead of warning only virtual live pictures," another user on Weibo shares. However, many professional photographers still see this as a place to take opportunities to take beautiful photos. Photo: New York Times.An Khangtheo petapixel

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