Family 8 Members From Covid And The Silver Promise Of The Father

Mr. Huu Anh confided, he 'falcon' daughter-in-law from the first time the son leads to debut. Mr. Quy Son so that every issue of the 'Silver Billion' promise makes everyone unexpectedly.02 / 4: 13 South of the South Vietnam's mother-in-law programs received much concerns of the network community when there is an appearance Family by 8 members used to be F0

. In particular, half of these F0 are children.8 family members from Covid-19 have faces at the show, Mr. Tran Huu Anh (63 years) with his son Tran Huu Tai (36 years old) and daughter-in-law Tran Thao Vi (35 years old) shared about the time when his family was infected and surpassed Covid-19
Family British Tran Huu Tai at the Mother-in-law Program. Finance said, in mid-July, the region Near the house he appeared with Covid-19. His family must be isolated at home within 15 days. However, when nearly the time is isolation, the members of the house began to occur symptoms of infection. On the quick test, he finished receiving 8 family members including 4 adults and 4 young children positive for SARS-COV-2. His husband was very worried because his parents had a background disease. "My father had diabetes and had a heart surgery twice. Meanwhile, my mother was slightly turned. My children are young. At that time, the family's feelings were only wrapped in the shock, bewildered, "said, sharing
New treatment of disease, Mr. Tai always faces fears. Those are the times when the children are 39 degrees Celsius, relatives have difficulty breathing ... However, the members of his family quickly regain their mental, calm face and overcome tyrants. From the disease, Mr. Tai volunteer to participate in volunteer activities, support the prevailing headlines. "The people who are active in my health sector said, if Covid-19 infection and overcome Antibodies in humans will be stronger than those who are injected with 2 vaccines. This is the end of the tunnel to us aim to. We are optimistic, confident to overcome ". In the time of treatment of diseases, the members of the British family account for a happy spirit, encourage, take care of each other. The whole family attempts to comply with the treatment regimen of a doctor and enhance nutrition, health for themselves. About 10 days after infection, the health of 8 members of the British family progressed positively, recovered and recovered was discharged. After crossing the battle of the element, he talented to see something to do something to support the epidemic headline. "Right the last days of the treatment day series, I was cooking the intention to do something After removing the disease. Go home, see the charity cooker cooked rice, send it to the epidemic tip doctors, I am very touched to register to participate. "Hua" Silver Billion "However, the intention of talent immediately was Two sides of the family protested. Even Mr. Huu Anh announced he wouldn't let his son enter the house if he went to work. However, the "argument", decided to go to charity rice. Leftie, the family opposed the fact that he joined the volunteer activities. Hen's day later, his humanities are gradually persuading family. From the protest place, his family accompanied, adding strength to him in volunteer activities. Especially Than Vi, she became a solid post, helping her husband rest assured to fight against epidemics. . At home, VI not only takes care of 4 children but also took over the operation of the company. She suffered a lot of pressure. I am very grateful to my wife and family ". He also said that he was very popular with his husband's parents. He used to "promise" with his daughter-in-law "laying a child, dad giving a house". He has his mind, "" This from the first time his son led home to the house. The sister who daught daughter was so brought about the "Silver Billion" promise that makes everyone unexpectedly. "My house before only I was a son. Now, the talent is also a son, so I told my daughter-in-law to give birth to a child for a house. So my daughter-in-law was born with 4 children. Now, it still demands again, "he shared with a witty voice. Before the sharing of her father-in-law, the humor was" blamed "he hadn't received any house now. Even, she also "demanded" he had to "give every 2 houses", "a unit to stay, the remaining unit will lease". The family of Mr. Tai and Ms. Than Vi. " My couple liked east and also wanted to have more children to see her parents happy and sum. So, when I found myself a healthy enough, I was born continuously for 4 children, "Ms. Vi said. The bold sharing of the family's family is closed with the tears of emotional tears. for her father-in-law. Vi said that she was grateful to him for what he was worried, thinking for her two couple and her children. "I know there are three many sad things. We have not been like my parents desire. But I know my parents always want the best for us. I thank you very much ", Sharing Sharing Than.Nguyen Son

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