Family Meeting, The Sister Suddenly Gave A Key Beam And The Offer To Make The Whole House

I don't expect my bride who is a real living person and calculate so 9: 00/1: 46nam southern is a girl who married the city. The daughter went to married irregularly at the edge of the parents always what I was regret and heartbreaking. When my brother married, I still told him to silently thank my husband and wife took care of my parents. It was a day before, my parents called my couple to arrange the time to go home to family meeting. He said that their parents could not live so long, so I would make a will to divide the property for two children

. According to my father's desire, the current house is living will remain the same for my couple to live and do The place of worship, fire flavor, and the land of 200 square meters will give me my couple. The house is focusing on my father divides the births, then my sister leave permission to speak. That gives a key beam Lock and say that the land of 200 square meters of parents can give me my wife, and my husband and mulberry spouses also lost a lot of time, money and effort to take care of his grandparents for a long time, she herself Has had to give up a good income job to return here to shoulder the family with her husband so she asked for permission to hit this old house to build a rented inn to have income
This key is her apartment Newly purchased and will be separate for comfort. My house is stunned with my sister's opinion (Illustration) .Nghe sister-in-law, my whole family looked at each other. I don't expect my bride who is a real living person and calculating so. She considers the house of the family of her husband's family as a thing to earn after a whole year because of her husband's family. My father was heartbroken, so she didn't speak a word. I'm angry with my wife. Just because my sake is better than my younger brother that she was angry with her own, demanding to build a rental room on the land used to heat the ancestors. This is not acceptable. According to people, how do my family have to do with her? (Thuhang83
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