Famous Chip Design Architects Rejoined Intel

The US semiconductor chip company said that they are 'bringing about' a famous chip architect, Shlomit Weiss, who has worked for Intel in 28 years 9: 00/2: 22 South Central It is supposed to be a move to help Intel CEO - Mr. Pat Gelsinger continues to reinforce the company's technical team.Theo, Ms. Weiss will command the entire process of developing and designing semiconductor chips of Intel. Shlomit Weiss - The famous semiconductor chip design architect has been recruited to Intel after 4 years working as a senior vice president of silicon techniques of network equipment manufacturers Nvidia Internet Mellanox (USA), where she operates more than 1,000 employees specializing in the company's network chip design

. In the time of working in Intel, Weiss also reaped very impressive achievements, such as awards Intel's achievements. This is the company's highest award for dual core architecture development. Later, she was delivered the position of Deputy Leaders of the famous Sandy Bridge and Skylake processor team of Intel
Skylake processor Intel is probably one of the company's most famous chip architectures, This design is maintained for 6 years due to the delay of the 10nm.skylake process chip has played a big role in helping Intel exist during prolonged delays between technology processes. Skylake chip architecture is used from Intel's Core i6 processor to Core i10 and many other generations of server chips. It is expected, Ms. Shlomit Weiss rejoined Intel as a senior vice president and copper General Manager of the Company's Design Technical Group (DEG) and will be responsible for all the company's chip design and development processes. It seems that Weiss will take on the previous role of URI Frank, who recently left Intel to lead Google's semiconductor chip field development. Besides recruiting Weiss, Intel also attracted the return of veteran Sunil Shenoy staff, an older of Intel . Both will lead the technical group of semiconductor chips with the famous chip architect Glenn Hinton.Ceo Gelsinger is clearly based on experience from veteran employees to rebuild the company after years of failure And the departure of most experienced people.Weiss holds a Master's degree in Science, with Honors of Electrical Engineering and the Degree of Computer Science Technological Technological Academy of Israel
She also registered a number of patents on processor development. "I am very happy to return to my home for 28 years, where I grow and develop professional. I will devote our strength to make sure Intel continue to lead in the field of hardware and semiconductor chips, "Ms. Weiss said.Phan Van Hoa (According to Tomshardware)

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