Famous For The Suddenly Famous Ngoc Ha Lakes ‘skin “can’t Stand’ When Showing The Mirror Because Of A Mistake

The mistake in the skin care process has caused Ho Ngoc Ha 'dozen fire'.0: 00/0: 00 Nam Ho Ngoc Ha, which owns the tense and smooth skin admirable. However, she recently had to lament because of the mistake in the skin care process that makes himself feel "unable to stand". Mother of 3 children shared, she tested many skin care products at the same time and Hau As a result, the 2 sides of the edge are stripped. Ngoc Ha has a praised face with a lot of skin

. All the last months of pregnancy, she also holds a performance. At the same time, people with healthy skin like Ho Ngoc Ha are also hurt. The use and testing of too many skin care products makes the skin fall into the "overload" status
Jeannette Graf people have many years of dermatology issues in New York once mentioned the problem Many people suffer: "Using many skincare dishes at once, similar to excessive exfoliation, combining a variety of acids, or Scrub particle products can lead to red rash skin conditions, irritation , dry, and even acne flare ".

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