Fan La Van Hi – Tran Phi Vu ‘cries’ With A Cosplay Screen ‘into The Ground’: Does The Brand Need To Do So?

If you are not informed before, you will probably find it hard to realize that these two characters are now.00: 00/02: 07 Medicine films are improved from the American Husky and White Cat's novel He. Although it has been completed for a long time, the work has not been released yet, making the audience waiting for the audience.Fan 'cries' with Li Van Hi cosplay screen - Tran Phi Vu 'goes into the ground': The brand needs to do So recent, regulates to tighten the management of the Chief Personnel of the General Department of Advociates, causing fans to worry about being affected, even without the opportunity to launch the audience. In the middle of this "burning water" like this, a brand re-use the image of La Van Hi's character - Tran Phi Vu to advertise the product, draw attention to the fans

. The image of La Van Hi - Tran Phi Vu is used to cosplay sales. It will fail to matter if the cosplay image is made in a beautiful, beautiful way. But through the photo taken by Netizen, the two departments of Ninh Ninh (La Van Hi) - Shortly (Tran Phi Vu) appeared in a simple costume, even inexpensive
The makeup section also cross the speaker, the top of the half-ancient half-haired, the modern half caused fans "crying". Photos make fans crying. It is known that this brand is one of the main investors of Hao Y, yes Right to use images and characters of the movie. In particular, while the work is unlikely to waver, the brand must take time to take advantage of the image of the character, the popularity of the film to advertise, make money compensation. However, The cosplay section does not have a mind that causes fans in general and Lo Van Hi fans - Tran Phi Vu in particular feels extremely sad and angry. Especially when the film is still not officially launched by the audience, these images are ranging, making it possible to lower, ugly, the more unlikely to wave. Eyes abroad. OTHER OTHERS, have a desired news that is recently, Hao Y Action appears on the waiting list for Wetv's official website. Although abroad, fans still hope this is true and the film will soon be released in the near future.

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