Fans Are ‘difficult’ With The Vietnam Team’s Competition Time

Saudi Arabia (SAFF) has officially confirmed the competition time between this team and Vietnam in the first round of World Cup qualifiers 2022.0: 00/2: 20 nasty in the first round of the 3rd qualifiers World Cup 2022 Asia region, Vietnam recruiting will have to be guests on Saudi Arabia. This is a major challenge for teachers Park Hang-SEO when rivals are higher than us About the level as well as the experience of competition.saff confirms the match between Saudi Arabia and Vietnam according to the official website of Saudi Arabia (SAFF), the match between the country's team with the Vietnamese team Male will be held at 20:00 on September 2 at the local time (ie 0:00 on September 3 by Vietnam's time). It has been informed that the screen will take place on 1h00 days September 3 by Vietnam's time in Saudi Arabia, decided to back the time of this match earlier than 1 hour

. So, Vietnamese football fans were "difficult" by Saudi Arabia to late late monitor Master of Coach Park Hang-seo competition. Reality, this is not a strange hour frame with teachers of Coach Park as well as Vietnamese fans in 3 final matches in the 2nd World Cup 2022 in UAE, "Why warriors Gold "had to go to the period of 23h45 (Vietnam time). The Vietnamese team actively practiced preparing for the match to meet Saudi Arabia Arabia has also confirmed the location of the first match Their fairy in the third round of the World Cup 2022 in Asia area is Mrsool Park
SVĐ Mrsool Park brings many lucks for the Arabian team under the coach Herve Renard. Since being held French lead, "green eagle" has never lost when playing at Mrsool Park. In the past, Vietnam once met Saudi Arabia twice at the national team level in the World Cup qualifier 2002.Viet Nam lost in the first round and about 0-5 and 0-4. After 20 years, Vietnam Football has made certain progress while the army of Renard is still a great power of Asia.Theo plans, Quang Hai and his teammates will fly to Saudi Arabia on the 27th day / 8 Go to the weather with the weather as well as the yard conditions here. After encountering Saudi Arabia, Vietnam will return to the country to prepare for the Australian welcome in the second match on My Dinh court At 19:00 on September 7, Tuan

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