Far Away Forest, Close

Episode 'far away' has thirteen short stories. Each story is a 'sliced' life. These slices put together to form a fairly colorful picture of a new land that sounded deep in space, far away in fantasy, but it was close to feeling, the bon * Western village The original 'now continues', with the identities, with the sadness of specific people going on by our side. The art idea of the work shows up through the author's mind, the author's mind . Dang Ba Can Can Nha Live but weighs with what's going on around, both good and what is bad

. He quietly observed, then remembered, grasping, choosing issues posing from life, kneading them into ideas and made "hot" his writing page from these essential problems. Dang Ba Canh - Vice Chairman of the VHNT Association of Dak Nong Province, Editor-in-Chief Editor of Nung Nung Magazine. The artistic awake of the written page appears when jubilantly affirmed, praising good honest things, or when it is passionate Reflect the negative, aching
The positive citizen attitude shows that the pen of Dang Ba Canh has never cooled before the Thailand's love in the UK land. Through many mass media for many years, everyone knows that the Central Highlands forest is being destroyed, is being cut, profitely in many ways. The loggings sometimes are handled by forest rangers, or forces assigned to manage forests (forest stories and towns). There have been many measures, from hot national forums, to administrative deals at the highest level to the grassroots level, but the evils are still not prevented. In the short forest story, Dang Ba Canh proposed a baseline measure, by letting people voluntarily participate in forest protection. The state of the state in Bon village bu nor (short forest stories) are given local authorities Trusted, putting guards, protecting the forest night on the day contributed to preventing persistent deforestation in his homeland. Deeply in my heart, the old village of the state knows: "Forests are life, is the blood source of old and relatives in the village of the old" (p. 8). The employment of the Netherlands of the State is simple, but it is essentially in the depth of the essence of life, sexy to love mountain forests with self-thousands of life, has become "forest culture" in the community community high. For them, keeping the forest is both responsible and is voluntary in the sense of life died with the forest
The right job has stimulated a positive citizen spirit in each individual. They voluntarily followed the village old to the forest to stop the bad guy. The lesson learned here is, it is necessary to set the benefits of the people in the national interests, it is difficult to don't have a solution. Because the people are the eye of the government, nothing through the eyes of the people, nothing is no way to resolve if they are supported by the people ... only a short-capacity short story, Dang Ba Canh loads A small problem is aching in life today. But it is noteworthy that the pen of Dang Ba Canh does not make readers "preached" in book language, go to tendons, but vice versa in simple and objective languages. Lessons for forest protection Everyone understands, more preaching only adds extra. Therefore, choosing a simple way of speaking by recounting a daily story is the job from the food and sticky sticks of the distant forest areas. Educational meaning of hidden stories behind the word. Short story episode '' far away '' of writer Dang Ba Canh. In another angle, short stories stream stream thousand authors sent urgent messages Precious cultural heritage of the Central Highlands is a day disappearing in the current life. We have known "gong bleeding" in the Central Highlands. In this short story, Dang Ba Canh announced another situation. Its miraculous and magic sound guitar with the soul, love of the thousands of Dak Kar streams, the thousand-year cultural sediments of the village are under the power of " "Bald in front of your eyes hitting the village in every way. The pen of the soft soup such as Ban Mai stream flows around Bon village Bir, which suits the love story of the author to say:" The Gong Lu ( Epidemis) Rounds. Crude, dull, rushed, smooth like Dak Kar stream passing through the sun season ... Phuong loves to passionate and gentle Dak Kar streams and pain for changes in Bon My village. Phuong still wanted to keep the peaceful, peaceful, ignoring the stage of noise, the heat was hot into the small village "(p. 16, 17). But that "peaceful and peace" was turned upside down by the way of life because of the currency. The idea of protecting emergency cultural heritage such as protecting happiness of couples to become an underground circuit parallel as a message sent from the beginning to the last page. That message is kept confidential until the end of the story. That is the attraction of this short story. The part in the short story of Dang Ba Canh is the X-ray model

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