Far Away From The Half-month Home To Improve The Workmanship, Her Husband Returns To ‘gifts’ Make A Choking Wife

Instead of hurriedly made a decision to divorce her calmly before reviewing myself and finding a unit from a fairy husband, it is a reasonable sister.0: 00/1: 40 nuan minh graphic: small story, big story, bad stories, what's good, there is the origin, has its cause sister. According to my opinion, in her husband from a gentle, kind person with his wife and children Only after being away from home to improve the workmanship have half a month replaced the change, deceive his wife, lie to a couple of Bible Babies as its cause. With what happened in the crop Looking for a husband when she was late and the spectacle of no wife wanted to see, instead of rushing to make a decision to divorce her calmly before I reviewed myself and find a unit from a fairy , is reasonable sister. Is it the time for you to vote, give birth and take care of your child, but I love my husband's love of my husband? My husband is also 27, 28 years old is not yet a man's mature or dry man that is no longer vibrating with any beautiful woman out of his wife

. , The leaves of the same person are often affected, not too rare or individual cases. So it is best to fix yourself, pay attention to the beauty, to my wife's feelings for her husband, believing you soon recognize your shortcomings, the chance to pull her husband back is completely implemented. Unfortunately her husband really chooses the lifestyle of falling, enjoying the instinct that forgets husband responsibility, as a father, I think no need to advise me to do what you need to do to yourself and daughter get life peaceful
Looking forward to my energy, assertiveness and luck.

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