Fares To See Euro 2021 Finals Increase Nearly 10 Times On ‘black Market’

According to the information from The Sun, the final fare was sold online to £ 54,000 (nearly 75,000 USD), an increase of nearly 10 times compared to the listing price of BTC.0: 00/1: 48 South People Frustrated football fans "hunted" to get a ticket to Wembley in London (England) to witness the Great War between the British and Italian teams in Euro 2021 finals . This is the first time after 55 years, Tam Mu won the right to play the finals of a big tournament. Besides, the number of spectators allowed to enter the Wembley to be cut from 90,000 people to only 60,000 people due to the provisions of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control of Euro 2021 took place at 2:00 on July 12 (Vietnam time). The ticket is on the European Football Football Federation website (UEFA) has been sold out

. The three factors mentioned above have caused the Final Film Euro 2020 to be "blown" many times. According to The Sun, the final ticket price was sold online to £ 54,000 (nearly 75,000 USD). Meanwhile, the ticket price is listed on the European Football Federation website (UEFA) only from 81 tables to the highest level of 808 tables / tickets
Before the ticket to see the Euro 2021 finals are being sold for sale On the websites with many "cut neck" prices, UEFA called for fans to be awake. The UEFA spokesman stated: "All tickets see matches in the Euro finals Due to UEFA released and must comply with strict terms and regulations, to prevent unauthorized resale and transfer. UEFA encourages fans to not be fooled by offerings with the price of 'cutting neck', When the survey results show that most sellers don't really own the tickets they sell ". According to the EURO 2021 finals between Anh vs Italy, at 2:00 on July 12 (Vietnam time ). VOV electronic newspaper will report online, invite precious readers to follow ./. Khuat Tu / Vov2

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