Farewell – Fitness Of Pham Viet Long – Chapter Ba – Practitioners

With over 400 pages of books, retired is a fairly large novel. The book shows a transition period, the dispute is fierce between the old and the new one, between the good and evil, between conservative, stagnant and innovative, dynamic, between clear morality and habit Benefits, greedy, uncle. This is one of the 51 novels that have reached the final round of the Novel's novel contest of the Vietnam Writers Association0: 00/9: 52 South Korea, the new version of the disciples of the painter The number of great singles, the brothers and sisters in Giang Ho, then some practitioners, was because the beard had a house who was prisoned as mentioned above. Living full of gratitude, never to keep me, whiskers don't go to the prison to visit the prison. The period of subsidy, moving to the prisoner was even more than in the middle of HIV people today, not now, in prison as a market

. Even having a relative with a jail, the time he was hidden as a cat hidden; Going to visit, or but also sneaky. But right from the time, beard still lived in a serious style, felt public. Every three months, the beard went to Phu Tho into the camp to visit the prison once
Thanks to the talent to buy ancient, beard with money, reconstitution, reconciliation, every trip also brought with a batch of gifts, from sundries such as soap, toothpaste to food like cake Candy, sugar milk. If you use the Time Stamps that buys, sure the beard must use the whole family for a few months for a trip. But these items are because the factions are provided by black market prices, don't need to stamps anything. The prisoner of the beard family moved to trembling people every time she saw the integer interest to visit. Well, I don't have too much, I don't dare to. I was guilty, I was criminal, miserable. This uncle is strange. I was guilty with the state competition to start prison. I am a brother with you, I have more conditions, I have to be responsible for you. The man's story was not afraid of being involved, just visiting the prison, there was no money, how much was the gift, told prison guys to distribute them to prison with, spread to the camp
The hands of Han Han was imprisoned, also to serve the beard, although they hadn't met him yet. Then there were prisoners to camp. Some guys were introduced by their cousins, who arrived at the dozens at the house when they were gone with a narrow iron cage and walked into a vast tank. The couple widened them. There are many healthy people, beards recruit to the freight team. Then later, they became good employees in the team as a painting frame. They have reversed, income is also quite thanks to the trafficking of "market" (cheap paintings, also known as a lake) and the famous artistic company of DANGERANY CORPORATION. But they also have relationships with the gender, in the same kind of love. When the Blood is emerging, they are willing to discharge themselves because of the Great Affairs. The Beard of the Beard assigns the job, the group of disciples who are the people of Giang Lake include three people: Create, Byc, Lang with common nickname is Muong owner, Looking at all of Le Dan's activities. That day, at night, they almost fell when he saw a notorious person who was carving of criminals walking on Le Dan's car. They were afraid to trembling limbs, turning their turn to put the key to the motorbike lock. For them, this is a great level of functional, black iron face, punish criminals like people beating mosquitoes. But remember the great profit of the profit that was not afraid of anyone, we have many relations with all higher levels in society, the Muong master group calm, owning himself, entering the action. The other agency has black hair, steps for sure, the right. Muong master group goes on two large cubic motorbikes behind Le Dan's Mekonic. Only the black hairman on the car. Comments are sure this is a weekend exhaust trip of the Masters, the leader of the team to create a decision to follow. Create a decentralization of the Lang Run to get a motherc equivalent to Le Dan's mother and take three luxurious clothes with a co-coated and run followed. Contact each other, not to break the tail? - Small story of this mobile phone day. Le Dan ran through Chuong Duong Bridge, directed east of Bon Bon. Motorcycles follow about about fifty meters away. The guy lang was fast, tens of minutes later, hitting the car to catch up and creatively. Only one of them, the group sends a motorbike at the restaurant, waiting for him, then changing his clothes, on the car. The road is empty, it is dark, so it is not difficult to wear. Soon, arrived at an area near the coast, there were soup spaces. The car turns along the black plastic road thanks, moving to the north. Just a few minutes later, a villa-style house appeared, sparkling lights. Le Dan did not pay attention, just beat the car in the asphalt road, heading straight into the almond resort, running straight to the most beautiful villa in the center, named A1. The car of the Muong master group quietly clinging. Wait for Le Dan and the black hair with a branch, the new car crawled, parked next to the receptionist. Knowing this is the first time, the receptionists come to the door to invite them. These three people look harmonic

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