Farewell To The Wife To Eat, 5 Years Later Seeing This Person, Causing Me To Regret

That day I rushed to divorce the wife only around the house, spending money, but I didn't look at any other time. 5 years, we have two children a girl. When I love I don't think much but when I stay together, I feel myself too much and my wife is leisurely beneficial. Hoi, there should be a flat plate, she will have a stable job, high salary with her husband to make money. But because he graduated from the university we were married, then gave birth, his weak health, so she was forced to quit his job at home to start the life of the mother's mother's mother

. The whole day she only has a cooking market, cleaning up houses, clothes, cups, serving her husband's family ..
The trailing things are not worth telling this public that my wife also sounds tired Tired and blame I was selfish not to care about my wife and children, always asking that and never bought her bouquet or dress. Before life is sometimes happy again, but I don't know yourself. I am the director of a small construction enterprise, so I have a good money, I have a good money to meet the other man who has probably chased the wife to eat out of the house. Succeeds me, I also offered that my wife is looking for a job Do more but she immediately told that busy, water rice all day, the bathing time didn't have a hurry. She told me to hir to help her to go to work but I don't want a stranger who appeared in the house so I didn't agree. My husband and wife and I became more and more and more and more. Miss her secretary. Then my wife discovered me adultery, she didn't keep me to make me offer to compensate for the speaker on the whole god to make me embarrassed incredibly. So in the drunkenness I came home to quarrel and accident wife. She was unattended to throw a divorce on my face
With a man of a man I immediately agreed to go to court. After my 5-year marriage ended, a series of incidents happened to me. The construction works that I bid the construction of a deadly labor accident, partners cut off the contract and I had to take a large amount of compensation to smoothly. So the effort of annual construction has lost white in the few days. The company bankrupt, the old parents are weak, so I have to start again, who henses what to do from the design to the painter I got all 5 The year passed in the miserably, that day, through the introduction of a friend I came to recognize the redesign of the mansion in the suburbs. Just coming to watching the mansion I guessed its owner who would be rich and delicate, then first asked every bit of a little bit. After talking with the assistant, the owner of the villa came and no one else That is my ex-wife. Seeing her in a beautiful, beautiful, there was a large mansion like this so I guess she was very successful. After breaking up my farewell to my child about her grandmother and started practicing business according to majors. Which she studied university. Luckily smiled, she now directed the director of distributing beauty brands that are extremely popular. Now she has everything and I lost everything. Meeting my ex-wife I find it regretful to break up with a beautiful wife who is so good. I really want to go back so my children don't lack love but don't know what to say to ex-wife forgive My mistake in the past. You read Trung Kien

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