Farmers Or Moon Flowers, Just Looking At 4 Points Are Known

The fear of women when married is to encounter non-faithful men. But smart women can be avoided, based on the following characteristics of 9: 00/2: 43 namPhong Thuy Phung Gia domain, do not need to guess elderly, smart women Look At these 4 points on the man's body when talking to know it is the moon or a commoner. The people have thin lips, small mouths, the vast majority is to use mouth to flatter, talk or deceitness. The common man did not say too much sweet words. They feel much not equal to action to create a certain belief

. The moon men always use beautiful words or ideas to lick their mistakes and lies. If women are light The news will definitely be trapped immediately. Women often die for men's secretions
So from now on, what kind of lyrics are false words to protect themselves. Eye men with eyes dug flowers and in the corners of eye with wrinkles with a fish tail. If you see a man with such eyes, consider it because it is how to guess the moon of the moon with the extremely precise flower. Also, the gaze will show the sincerity or lies of people. When talking, if his eyes don't focus or dodge you, certainly have a problem. He was afraid of reading his thoughts so they often didn't dare to opposite you. Or did anything wrong, so I didn't dare to look directly into your eyes to talk. Farmers will always look straight at your eyes. His gaze always contains sincerity and never wants to hurt or hide you anything. If you see this feature, women keep those man tight beside
Does that man's legs stop for you? Men are unknown horses. They want to visit everywhere to search, explore new things. Does anyone sit still in a place to love a person with a whole, all. But with faithful men, they won't want to go anywhere if they found the right person. Both this life, they are alone and automatically "lock the legs", just want to be with you until the end of my life. I love the man who loves it very easy to recognize. They will also hold your hands tightly. Partly to "" confirm the sovereignty "Partly because you want to protect, protect you wherever you are. He doesn't love you, just want to have fun passing through the road will never hold your hand in public Add, or just reluctantly do it. They felt this troublesome, unimportant. They don't want to let Then know you are theirs and even if you don't want to protect you. Through 4 ways to recognize the common men or the Chinese moon have helped you somewhat judging your other half Must be trustworthy. Non-life is a lifetime, so choose a clear way to avoid unfortunate things later. However, it should not be rigidly applied to anything Any relationship, because everyone can change its love for sincerity and slope with emotional vun. * Reference and contemplation information.

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