Fascinating The Pristine Tourist Destination In Da Nang, Young People Check-in Weekends

On weekends, in addition to Hai Van Pass, Son Tra Peninsula, many young people 'phượt' on the countryside of Hoa Bac to enjoy the fresh air on the fields and rivers ... to Hoa Bac commune (district Vang) Tourists are taken away with the bustling atmosphere, the town of the town to immerse themselves in a peaceful countryside in the weekend very crowded young people running away to the countryside of this peaceful countryside to see the scene, check in The center of Da Nang city is over 30 km, people can run the car to the direction of Hai Van Pass, then turn to Ngo Xuan Thu Street (Lien Chieu District) to go to Hoa Bac commune to go to the two sides, which are the Melaleuca hills this season Yellow and wiping white. Besides being the cu dike river, the people burned copper to enter the new rice crop to bring a feeling of peaceful weekend very crowded young people "leaving the street" to go to this countryside, take photos with you on the wing Dong cane, Phan Hang (white dress) Share: "This is the first time I went to Bac Bac, the road is quite easy to go, the two sides of the road is also very beautiful, the weather here is cool, pleasant

. After the tired working days leaving the city up here sightseeing, breathing fresh air felt like it. For those who are away from the hometown can come here to see the house to remember the house "Young groups choose the grass stretching on the side of the cu dyke to camp, chat, take pictures .
. Many couples choose Hoa Bac to Taking photos of Hoa Bac suspension, the peace church is also one of the locations that attract people to visit Bac Bac if the ripe rice season will be like a colorful picture.

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