‘fashion Number’: Why Do Many People Pay For Virtual Clothes?

Some people believe that fashion and shopping in virtual stores can be the future of retail industry.0: 00/5: 25 namtheo reuters, spending real money in digital fashion can be Waste for many people. But many luxurious fashion brands are capturing this trend. When the Virtual Platform Decentraand announces in June that users can invent and sell costumes for representative characters on this platform, Hiroto Kai White awakening night designs Japanese imprinted costumes.Hiroto Kai is a digital artist, passionate to Japan

. Kai's real name is Noah. He is 23 years old and is living in New Hampshire, USA. With the price of $ 140 for each kimono, Mr
Kai has earned $ 15,000 to $ 20,000 in just 3 weeks. The virtual kimono of Hiroto Kai. Photo: daily sabah. This number is equivalent to the salary of Mr. Kai earned for a whole year at the music store. Therefore, he decided to quit his job and become a full-time designer. "It was a whole new way to express yourself and a living art. This is really an interesting experience. When you own a item, you can go to dance, party, express yourself .
. ", Kai digital artist shared. The virtual fashion business direction while using real money to buy pages "Virtual" is a barrier to a lot of people, the process of buying and selling similar products on network environments where users can gather, travel, meet friends and play games, remain An extremely fertile land. On the decentraand, costumes for representative characters can be purchased and sold as a number of numbers named NFT.NFT began to become popular earlier this year, When speculators and those interested in virtual money rushed to buy into this type of assets, representing the ownership of virtual items on the network from artworks, trading cards to real estate . This asset shape also attracts the attention of some major fashion companies in the world, which is looking for a way to approach a new generation of gamers, whether most of their moves are now Newly stopped at the advertising purpose.Louis Vuitton recently released Metaverse game, allowing users to collect NFT. Burberry creates the NFT accessories. In addition, Gucci has sold clothes not NFT for Avatar. The company's dionsysus embroidered bag with 475 Robux (game currency in the game), costs about 6 USD in the real world. Since it is only available for an hour, the price of the bag skyrocketed. Finally, it was sold for 350,000 Robux, equivalent to 4,115 USD. The Gucci Dionysus bag has a price of over $ 4,000 in the virtual world. Photo: Jing Daily. "The representative character is your embodiment," said Imank McEwan, fashion model in Miami and the NFT collector. "Basically, what you wear will contribute to the form of friend". Mcewan said he spent from USD 15,000 to $ 16,000 to buy 70 outfits through NFT since January this year. This is the amount of profit he obtained from the money investment. The first outfit is a sweater with Bitcoin motifs and the most recent, he bought a hat designed by a friend. Buy only for selfie marketing costumes Trading through NFT is difficult to primate. On the decentraand platform, costume sales are estimated at US $ 750,000 in the first half of 2021, up nearly 3 times over the same period in 2020, according to the website to monitor NFT NFT NNFGible.Com market. Fantasy and shopping at virtual booths can be the future of the retail industry. "Instead of surfing e-commerce pages, you can experience famous fashion brands through exploring space Their virtual sales, irregular distinctions are when you choose the dress for your representative character or the clothes you wear daily, can be shipped to the door ", according to Ms. Julia Schwartz - Monitoring REPUBLIC REALM, Virtual Real Estate Investment Tools are valued at $ 10 million, owner a commercial center on decentraland. For those who are interested in NFT, online shopping does not replace the experience Traditional shopping. A virtual shoe pattern produced by RTFKT. Photo: Reuters. But the co-founder Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova of Auroboros - a startup company in the field of fashion numbers, said it can be an environmentally friendly alternative to the trend Existing fast page. Sustainability is an important issue, interested in fashion industry. Fast fashion contributes significantly to climate change. Its terrible reputation has promoted the expansion of digital fashion. Fast fashion greatly affects the environment. Photo: Dewimagazine. Customers can send to Auroboros a photo taken themselves and ask the company to design outfits with a fee from 83-1,300 USD. Sello Fakers assumes that virtual fashion conception has limited

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