Step out from the bathroom with a thin nightgown late, shy and close. That romantic space allowed her to put on a long-lying dress in the corner of the cabinet, a skirt caused her beauty and was ready to give him. Porching walking to him in the flickering golden light, the slender body of the porch gradually revealed with soft hairfully squeezing the skinny shoulders, the waist line lifted up to the face of the breasts full of steps . Throughout the body filled with a very own odor, a very daughter smell with pepped incense, jasmine incense blended gentle, attached to .

.. 0: 00/15: 26 Dark men and the night were flexible, rain still fell , the house slumed up a smell of moist. On the stone tiles filled with sandy soil, it was stew in the pieces of bowls, a cup of broken cups, the sprouting of the pot, crumbled color, the hair ended up every day, on the wall was also holes in the walls mortar falls full
Hien Ngao was bored with frustrating the mess from the last night until now, his hands disbanded, aching. I heard the sound of porching, her husband in the time of the time in the sweep, the mouth of the crawling. Sounds like chisel into the ear, very impatient. Heat quickly pile into the corner, hurried back to the stove of cooking rice. The house has only four people but the rice has always had to make three parts, one for a three-year-old son, one for a couple to eat, partly finished for her husband to eat first. The husband's house has two sisters, since coming four, her husband is sick with a decade of birth, neurotic influence and beyond so now. From the moment of strawberry, her husband moved from the hospital to go home, was caused by a hard-working with a rice tray, the porch had just pulled her husband to enter the room, if her husband returned to see the scene of indiscrete Eating was crushed in her hand, and her mouth always punished waiting to spread out, then dragged her out to lose. The gate caught the roar, knew her husband and her husband to return to the kitchen. He walked away the heavy vessel step by step as a pit on the ground. Just holding my hand, he had just put on the face of the eyes of hate of the contents of every day
- Having rice and then moved out! Terrace was confused, turning out of rice, sometimes stealing him to explore. - Where is alcohol yet? - I saw him a little tired, now drinking little! - Li Li Li in her mouth- There is a habit of ordering me!? He socks to get the bottle of wine, leaning back after taking it to, the feeling of fear is gradually covering the mother on every hour. chillingly. His mouth began to curse, his face, tangled ears, white eyes, pale lips, curled up to reveal two teeth gritting Ken. Knowing what was about to come, the porch hurriedly picked me up the room, then quietly turned back to wearing a match for his indignation that could stick to tear her at any time. Because if she evacuates what size, he also found it, or this house will have nothing good to bow his head, close his eyes, viciously with thoughts "Boring bored", to overcome yourself. The slaps of Bôm came to stunned, the ancient times to fainted, or the falls of hair dropped to the floor and hundreds of thousands of prayers pounded deep into her memories. Leaving when the ordinated habit, the patio could be fascinated in the earthly hell as now. IMPLEMENT: To dream of hitting her shoes until the surfing on the floor. Placing him to bed, now the body's pain was relaxed. Cui Bo Located the corner of the bed also slept from ever, carrying her child on his hand, porching in every breath, tired. In a dream, a porch saw a hand with her hand onto the bed, gently lifted her hair and turned to hugging the son. The rush to work soon, porch just cooked a little noodles for both breakfast and standard Lunched for him took him away. Peace sight, he was still completely cold and fierce. She just wanted to believe what she felt in the dream of being true, just trusted by his indifference right now. It was so miserable, but it was not always the current porch. Trying to create a happy atmosphere despite her replied, it was only a scornful, heavy attitude. - I took my child to school and went to work here, don't work too hard! Porch turned away, every effort ever responded. She was painful, she was sorry, and felt fault to her husband's unhappiness. In the past, he wasn't that, he was a brother, gentle, and the most charming town. Just because she is involved in her, but the job of raising herself and the cycle for the sister in the hospital suddenly loses, the amount of saving the year is only enough to compensate for damage at the shop, his trembling hands are also forever Far unable to be pulled. Now, he worked as a rental car wash, bearing the rain and sunshine, every day heard people cursed, despise, the three pile of three coins did not worry about anyone. * Rice rice was still young, the patio Startled to look at the clock, man his eyes swallowing the rice in his mouth, the rice stalks left the rest on the table. Four minutes, the patio picked up a little light blue bag running into the toilet. Multi

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