Fate Of President Ho Chi Minh (term 2)

We have sacrificed the destiny, so it should be done, that means how to make a fate, then the right to hand over the number of people, don't put it in a few people in: 00/18: 40 namlts : The fate is a work of gathering lectures of the leader Nguyen Ai Quoc in the training courses of the Vietnamese Association of Youth Revolution, held in Guangzhou (China) in the 1925-1927. Those lectures were re-oppressed by the Proportion of the Union of the Union of the Union of the Union and published in 1927. Since then, the book is constantly being a national political publisher - Widely published and released. In my life, President Ho Chi Minh has drafted many important historical documents, but it can be affirmed that the blast line is one of the works, but those ideas The jaw contains in it, not only practical to prove it is right, unique and creative but also with intense vitality, with a deep-length of the heart of millions of millions. IetNamNet would like to reinstall this work

. Fate (Term 2) History of My1. American history? The 14th century ago, no one knew where America was. By 1492, the merchant named Christophe Colomb took the merchant ship wanted to go to India, but went to the way, to meet America
The origin is the red skin, only hunting does not know how to trade and work. From when Colomb found the Americas, the people of the European countries spilled through it. The white person wants to make the Indians be slaves, but it does not work, then they killed to kill the rifen people, and then make black people with the past to make them. Ears through the United States Yes, but the largest is the British (3,000,000 people). So he won the US colonies. Why is the US as a destiny? Americans are rich, copper, iron, coal, cotton, rice, cattle, etc., so much. You are greedy, want to know yourself, so sets 3 spells as later: 1. How many Estate, the United States must provide him with all, not sold to other countries. Americans are not established for furnaces and traffickers
The countries must not enter the merchants with the United States, only he is trafficked only. Vegetarian "English.3. How do I result in doing? How do you "boycott" for 5 years. He brought soldiers over, and arrested the leaders crime. Each time it caught a head, the people are angry. By 1775, when the British soldiers arrested those who headed, the people pulled together to save, was killed by British soldiers. This like fire falls into gunpowder, too, the people are too explosive, live death also to chase the new British government. A year later, until July 4, 1776, the fate and the US declared independence, and the United States becomes the republic. Now the US has 48 provinces and 110,000,000 people studies. What is the meaning of American fate with An An An? 1. The French policy for An Nam is now worse than him for the United States first, because France has been filled with our requisite people, who prevented our people to do this other; It caught the people to smoke opium and drink alcohol. He only ham money, France has wants to lose his life, losing An Nam. However, An Nam people have not studied America but doing a destiny! 2. In the American Declaration, there are sentences: "Everyone who has the right to freedom, the right to keep his destiny, the right to do business ... Which government is harmful to the people, They have to smash the government, and cause another government ... ". But now the US government doesn't want to let anyone talk about the destiny, who touches the government! 3. In the United States, it was more than 150 years ago, but the agriculture was still very miserable, still worried about the second destiny. It was because the US fate was a copy of the village. It is necessary to arrive. We sacrificed in a destiny, so it should be done, that means how to make a fate, then the right to allocate to the population is much, not in a few people. So it was done so many times, the people were happy. Fate of France1. Why does France have a style of destiny? In the 18th century, the king was rich in prostitution, nobles and the people of Dao, raging; Heavy tax of troubling, people are miserable. We are Canada and India, Nguyen is the French colonial, now abandoned by him. Learners, people are like Mr. Mongtexki (1755), Von (1755) and withdrawal (1778) propaganda Equality liberalism. Learn, Phong Trieu Dynasty British (Mr. Kromven slashed King British and established the Government Republic of 1653) still new, and the US Democratic Democracy (1776) last. Mashing is for new capital capital The fepals were prevented by fesiants, the people were oppressed by the king, noble and triggered. So new capitalist union with students, plows and workers to destroy feudality.2. Epislability of the decision from ever? The king saw the people who were busy, then persecuted those who propaganda and organization. People found that, it was too, until July 14, 1789 pulled together to break the big examination (Baxi). The king brought soldiers to hold the capital; People celebrate the team to prevent.

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