Father Lung Cancer Metastatic, Children Unexpectedly Detect Blood Cancer

Only in the only 2 weeks, a series of shocks came to Ms. Huyen when her husband had lung cancer in the last stage that metastasized unable to treat, son unexpectedly discovered Blood cancer with blood cancer.0: 00/3 : 14 namcho domain until now, Ms. Tran Thi Huyen (SN 1984, in Phuc Tan village (Old Kim Loc), now Kim Song Truong commune, Can Loc district, Ha Tinh province) is still unpighted after one The series of events occurred with their families. Having suffered from hospital lung cancer, it was the turn of a son with blood cancer over the past two weeks ago, her husband Huyen, Mr

. Tran Van Dat (SN 1982) to the disease The Institute visits after a long time appearing fatigue symptoms, fast weight loss. As soon as the provincial hospital, doctors conducted tests and said, he achieved end-stage lung cancer, the tumor was metastatic across the body parts. Unexpectedly, Ms
Huyen Taking her husband to medical university hospital and Hanoi Cancer Hospital but still only getting similar results. Doctors recommend that the family should give him an emergency hospital to treat. However, through the overall inspection process to conduct treatment regimens, the doctor identifies a metastatic metronlimate Entering many parts on the body to the point cannot be controlled. At the same time, his health reaches too weakly, every option such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not guaranteed. Therefore, the doctor advised her Huyen to take a husband to take care of, limiting the pain because the tumor brought. The miserable wife cries when it or she believes that her husband has "cureed". Good for a son in the hospital, Huyen Huyen and her husband was at home fighting with lung cancer "Health and my husband's spirit Very weak, unable to walk. Although I don't want to have a lie that you only have a muscle pain, go home to stay in mind and regain my new strength into the hospital to continue, "Ms. Huyen shared. Body in the family, he reached home, in his heart still hoping that one day his situation would be better
But the painful pain to the bones did not show signs of remission, the disaster came to his first son of his heart was Tran Cong Thanh (16 years old). Life reminiscent, when he was massaging her father Then the right hand was numb and didn't lift it. At that time, I just thought I was numb. Then I fainted, on a lot of lymph nodes, I wanted to take some tested hospitals. When listening to a doctor to conclude into blood cancer, Ms. Bang Hoang collapsed. Into the dead lane of Mr. Dat, Huyen Huyen is particularly difficult in the commune. The whole income is just looking forward to the fields. Before detecting lung cancer, he achieved to go to carry or picking up to earn a little extra money to go to school, no residual cohabes. Currently, he is bedridden, two small children are in grade 6 And Grade 8 must ask neighbors, relatives notice, and Huyen is taking care of a large child at the Hematology Institute - Central Blood Transfusion. The city does not travel, every activity is thanks to her mother. The doctor after evaluating the situation, my illness needs long treatment. In the short term, the two mother and mother had to stay in the hospital for another time. Pitiful baby when his father had a serious illness, and he also had blood cancer in Hanoi, Lieu Lieu was still uneasy, feared that her husband Weak, don't wait for me. Not only that, the cost of healing for children is a very big burden because her family no one goes to make money. Just as the situation of Covid-19 epidemic stretched, she could not borrow a large amount of money, traveling around the relatives to borrow several million dongs only enough to encounter the hospital. "Citadel is good, studying well. How this year I am our pride. Yet he was injustice, 40-year-old grandchildren had seriously ill, no chance to live. Perhaps my son was not cured. I have any denial, I know what to be ", the miserable woman crying in desperation.

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