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Any doubt, the fact that the company was dating was reevaluated as the one 'unable to be more familiar', suddenly Mr. Tran only smiled wryly.0 pm: 00/3: 20 namtheo, Chinese newspapers recently Intelligence, the incident happened to the man Tran came from Hoai An, Jiangsu Province.Anh Tran shared, he divorced a few years ago, then having a child. Just going to make money, medium to take care of me, Mr

. Tran almost no longer time to think about other things. Nearby, after considering him, he decided to find a woman to vote for you in life. After thorough understanding, Mr
Tran chose a local matchmaking company with the desire to find a woman in accordance with the standards and conditions he gave. Very fast, the company soon introduced Give him "the other half" and praise: "Standard you need. Not wrong a glass. " And then, until the day of meeting, he was not dumbfounded when the girl was the homeroom teacher of his son, King. When he saw him, the King of the king also gaped his mouth. Telled, only 2 days earlier, Ms. Vuong invited him to school to "drink tea" and talk about son's learning situation. Extremely worship, both shame, no one dared to look into each other's eyes. After greeting a few sentences, Ms. Vuong bowed his head, wearing a headset and playing against the phone
Mr. Tran did not dare to talk. Two people so that until the end of the session, no one told anyone with anyone. The two were extremely afraid so just dare to look at the phone (illustrated) after that day, the two suggested sorry, they also There are sharing about the meeting. Ms. Vuong's side, Missing Mr. Tran Please keep the story close and not affect his son's learning. Hearing here, Mr. Tran also agreed that the two still kept the right relationship. Occasionally, in addition to talking about the child's learning, they also have other sharing of life, though, still at a friend level. The story after posting has received great attention from the network community . Many funny netizens said: "This is a grace" and they also hope the story will end with Hau. Some people express their opinions that the relationship between the two people has the results depends very much on The reception attitude of the son. Before that, Chinese newspapers also reported unsuccessful dating situations that made people in the workforce, a 30-year-old woman who worked in the industry Pharmaceutical karma in Hangzhou, registered as a member of China's Jiayuan.com dating site from November 2019. She hopes to find a perfect half through matchmaking services. The annual membership fee of the dating site is 68,800 yuan. In the past two years, Lu spent more than 130,000 yuan to find a lover. However, the matchmaker of the dating site has introduced the men who have divorced for Lu despite her criteria for potential candidates power. This makes the 30-year-old girl extremely disappointed.Lu reported the case with the local market supervisory agency, asking the company to pay a full refund and compensation for 5 months of free members In 2019, China has about 200 million single people, every 100 female, there are 114 men, according to Financial Review. This is the result of a policy of one child lasting for several decades, along with the thought of "strong male and female contempt". This condition has led to the strong development of the matchmaking industry. Applications, dating sites or matchmaking companies grow rampant, gaining hundreds of millions of dollars / year. Many Chinese people invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to find a perfect partner. Diamond Love Company has a headquartered in Shanghai, said they have 5 million customers willing to pay 15,000 USD / month to get the bride and groom ideal (synthesis)

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