Father Ta Dinh Phong Revealed The Current Relationship With Two Grandsons, Turned Out To Truong Ba Chi To Cut Off With Their Homes For A Long Time?

Sharing by Father Ta Dinh Phong makes the public not from XA.0: 00/1: 16 NAM NAMTRET QQ on August 17 reported that Hong Kong Ta Hien and his ex-wife recently appeared at the premiere Tse Movie of Tse Family. Currently at the premiere, Ta Hien - Father Ta Dinh Phong quickly became a focus on the media attention. Hong Kong media quickly asked questions regarding the current relationship between Ta Hien and the two grandsons were Lucas and Quintus., When he was asked about how long he had not visited two grandsons, Ta Ta Ta shows, he himself doesn't remember, probably only 1-2 times

. Even, Cha Ta Dinh Phong also choked, perhaps now two children didn't remember his face. In fact, many sources revealed that the relationship between Nicholas Tse and two sons did not smoothly after male talent and Truong Ba Chi divorce. Post-divorce, two children built by Truong Ba Chi, not only Ta Hien but even Tse to have the opportunity to meet two sons
Here are a few years, when joining a journal program, Ta Hien has been. Interested that he could not get along with his nephew for a long time. Only when the son and daughter-in-law are together, he has the opportunity to play and take him to buy the toys.

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